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Handmade branding of famous logos in calligraphy

28 March 2015  |   0 Comments   |  

Calligraphed logos...

Sebastian Lester trained in graphic design at Saint-Martins in London. Today, he works independently, from the attic of an old english castle.

He worked 9 years for Monotype, for whom he designed fonts for British Airways, Intel, Waitrose, The Daily Telegraph, H & M and Barclays. His taste for calligraphy then pushed him into new adventures. He has become one of the most renowned calligraphers in the world with over 500,000 followers on social networks. Passionate about beautiful letters, the Latin alphabet is according to him one of the most beautiful creations of humanity.

The virtuosity of his work is indisputable and to see him trace his letterings is simply magic. His Instagram account is full of mini-films presenting his drawing process. It was his famous logo designs that particularly touched us!

The art of calligraphy

Some videos presenting his calligraphy work...

In another style...

In another style of calligraphy, we can't resist presenting Fabienne Verdier's monumental calligraphic paintings.

Changing tools and formats! Meditating several decades, and throwing a 20m2 trace with the biggest brush in the world...

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