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The Mouv logo made its teen crisis!

17 January 2015  |   0 Comments   |  


Adolescent crisis to Mouv radio

But what happens to Mov? The "young" station Radio France was to launch its new grille January 16, 2015, finally postponed to February 2. The only information that has leaked is the change of name and logo. The Mov 'is now called Mov', and adopt a new slogan "Mov 'on it."

The logo was designed by graphic artist Tyrsa. His work generally hints at a typographic / calligraphy masters, suggesting that the deployment of this new identity will be a success. Still, the logo may seem a bit light, some seeing it as a simple coffee trace.

The Mov Site presents the making-of the new logo on its website. Here are the arguments put forward by the author:

"I wanted to show the contrast between spontaneity and discipline, both of which embody the young generation. Both go-getter, dynamic and able to store a lot of information on a daily basis, but also hardworking, ambitious and disciplined because desperate to perform and achieve its objectives. the rigid and meticulous typo embodies this rigor. it frames the "O" which itself is made with a brush as if to express the spontaneous and instinctive gesture. "

Personally I would have looked for arguments elsewhere. Simply by seeing it as a vinyl record on a turntable for example.


Still more troubling is that this new logo frees itself from the graphic of the parent. A bit like a teenager who seek to become independent. Ah it's hard family life!


To recap, here's a little history of logos of this radio.



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The Mouv logo made its teen crisis!
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