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Oslo territorial branding – A minimalist logo…

23 October 2014  |   0 Comments   |  

A new territorial branding for OSLO

When it comes to territorial branding, we know "Iamsterdam" or "Only Lyon".
Here is another successful example for "Oslo Business Region".

Oslo Business Region's objective is to develop Oslo's international reputation and attractiveness.

Its main areas of intervention are as follows:
1: Startups - promoting networking and coaching.
2: International attractiveness - to attract talent, entrepreneurs, investors...
3: Regional development

A minimalist identity

This very minimalist visual identity is designed by the norwegian agency The Metric System. Besides, we spoke of them a little while ago about norwegian bills!

While the use of an exclamation mark instead of an "l" or an "i" is not new, the minimalism and effectiveness of this logo is to be welcomed. This simple trick transforms the name "Oslo" into a real "Os!o"  brand that could almost be written in the body of a text, and that would still work.

The typographical choice of the Circular by Lineto is perfect. Simple and contemporary, just like thenorwegian capital.











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