The terms “brand” and “branding” have become common currency, but their meaning can sometimes be confusing. A brand is much more than a “name” or a “logo”. It should reflect the overall personality of an organisation, a product or service, and acts as an interface with its customers.

The brand is so intimately tied to the organisation, to the product or service to which it depends, that its successes (or failures) have an impact on company performance.

In a highly competitive environment, the identity of a brand counts considerably. How the brand’s originality and relevance are defined will end up shaping its success.


We can be there to guide you on defining your brand strategy. We use a simple, tried and tested methodology:

• Analysis of competition

• Analysis of target audience

• Internal audit and identifying competitiveness growth

• Strategic recommendations

Directions for use

The complexity of treatment depends greatly on the type of project and the budget available.


Side effects

Risk of success.