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Illustrations for the World Economic Forum

15 January 2018  |   0 Comments   |    |  

Design of World Economic Forum reports

The World Economic Forum regularly publishes a series of reports that examine in detail global issues such as gender gap, environment, education, industry and technology...

Since 2015 we've been designing illustrations for the covers of the reports. We work on several series: the Gender Gap Report, the Human Capital Report, the Future of Jobs report.

These reports are filled with information and data related to demography, economics, health or education, collected in more than 130 countries. Figures and results enable governments, businesses, education professionals, and civil society institutions to identify key economic areas to focus on and invest in. They are also taken up by the press.

The global human capital report

For example, the Human Capital Report takes into account such data as Capacity, linked to educational attainment, Deployment, measuring the use and development of skills in the workplace, Development, linked to educating future generations and maintaining the skills of current workers, and finally Know-how, measuring the extent and performance of specialized skills in the workplace.

The graphic style is vectorial and minimal, in line with the WEF graphic charter.
Below are some draft sketches. 

The future of jobs report

The global gender gap report

The reports are available online on the WEF website:

2017 Gender Gap report:
2018 Gender Gap report: 
2017 Global Human Capital report:
Future of jobs report 2018:

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