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The D.I.Y mind blowing on Museomix – Poster design

25 December 2014  |   0 Comments   |    |  
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The D.I.Y mind blowing on Museomix

For 3 years, we voluntarily assist the association href="http://www.museomix.org" Museomix . In 2012, we had created their visual identity and different communication tools. This year, we continued collaboration by creating a visual inspiration of the Spirit "Do It Yourself", which corresponds well.

For those who do not know Museomix, it is a three day event with the goal of remix museums. Visitors find themselves actors, coders, designers, museum experts, curators, artists, mediators ... and they have 72 hours to devise an innovative cultural mediation device and make a prototype!

title museomix-2014

behance poster-rue-museomix



The inversion

In 2013, we proposed a visual shortcut between the concept of "museum" and "mixing". Treatment was pictographic. In 2014, we proposed to reverse this idea. This time it is a real mixer whose buttons are museums. Treatment is photographic.

concept museomix-2014




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