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Poster design, live sustainably in Paris!

15 February 2018  |   0 Comments   |    |  
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Live sustainably in Paris with the Paris Climate Agency (APC)

Here is the poster we made for the Paris Climate Agency (APC). The objective of this subway billboard campaign was to increase awareness of the agency among the general public and Parisians.

We imagined different scenes of everyday life to illustrate the message "live sustainably in Paris" and the main topics discussed by the agency: mobility, energy savings and consumption. The illustrations are built around the message and present a sustainable living dynamic. The colour range comes from the APC's graphic charter.



A subject that allowed Jonas to use once again his talents as an illustrator! In 2016 he had already played with his graphic tablet for the creation of a "leaflet-building" for the APC. An original publishing object to (re)discover here: https://www.grapheine.com/en/edition-en/a-leaflet-that-stands-as-a-building.

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