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Printing of minimalist business cards for Graphéine

07 October 2015  |   0 Comments   |  


When minimalism comes to life through crafts.

For once the cobbler is no longer the worst-shod. We wish to share with you some pictures of our new business cards. Not specifically because they are ours, but mostly because marriage between a simple design and a rich manufacturing quality gives here birth to a small object of desire!
The Graphéine visual identity starts with the creation of its name, a neologism of "graphic" and "caffeine". Graphéine is therefore a substance to treat branding, hence the symbol of the red and white pill. Icon at the beginning was illustrative, is now composed of a single red and white squares Thurs. Less is more!
How to get this message in a business card? By creating an object both solid and elegant, which stimulates the imagination of its receptor. We have the front a black cardstock dyed, hit hot in white and red. On the back, a white paper card printed in letterpress. Both sides are laminated and to top it off, we chose a color o red range, also hit hot. These details are manufacturing however subtle and balanced, they highlight the minimalist graphics and gives it in every sense of the material.The final product reflects the substance and form, our commitment to carefully treat our visual identity, just as we care for one of our customers!

The making of...

A big thank you to the printers Jukebox Print who made these business cards with love!
Hot Ink, embossing... their range of techniques and creative solutions will dream more of a graphic designer.
Here are some pictures of the making of our live map of their workshop. Mmm ... smells good ink!






The cards... !




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