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Le Corbusier: Convent of la Tourette

12 July 2010  |   0 Comments   |  

Passing by the city of Arbresle (France), I took the opportunity to visit the Convent of La Tourette by Le Corbusier built between 1953 and 1960. Developed by following the precepts of the Dominican Order, Le Corbusier he implemented his favorite materials: sun, space, trees, steel and reinforced concrete, all under the sign of Modulor .

architecture moderne

The convent is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since December 11, 19792. It is also labeled "Heritage of the twentieth century" ... in other words ... worth the trip! I would say it is a true architectural slap!

hôtel du couvent

Couvent de la Tourette Arbresle 69

Photo Architecture Le Corbusier France

A story of chair design

Le Corbusier said: "This convent of rough concrete is a work of love. He does not speak. This is the inside he found himself. It is inside that happens mostly "... and I confirm ... especially his church ... the illumination is achieved by means of a device consisting of multiple light shaft designed as chimneys, metaphorically called "light gun" for producing the effect of light spots focused and projected on the ground.

Another curiosity in 1998, the convent control Jasper Morrisson creating chairs for the dining hall. In a monastic sobriety, these chairs have the characteristic that can not swing back ... so even with this little sway, usually so trivial, here become too conducive to daydreams? ...

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