Muller Brockmann most famous Graphic designer
Josef Müller-Brockmann “swiss style”
Müller-Brockmann is one of the most influential graphic designers in the history. His work is always taught, studied and published. It is certainly the figurehead of Swiss graphic design (which also takes
Graphic design around the world: Turkey
Ever wondered how it is like to be a designer abroad? Here is an illustrated portrait of Turkish graphic design, through history and contemporary designers.
Happy Helvetica to you!
Happy birthday Helvetica! The spanish studio Husmee has invited a selection of international studios to create a tribute poster to celebrate the 60 years of the creation of the famous typography.
Oi! In love with a Brazilian ear
Let's fly to Brazil to meet a local star. It's neither the Cristo Redentor, nor Gilberto Gil, Pelé or even Giselle Bündchen. We will talk about curves though, but introduce you to

Trump was a graphic designer!
Trump will soon be designated as « most powerful man in the world » and we went digging into his past. We actually have evidence that Trump was a graphic designer. True story: he even created the type of IBM's logo!
Codex Seraphinianus: the most peculiar book in the world
Codex Seraphinianus, from the Italian artist-stroke-architect Luigi Serafini, is a journey into unchartered territories with a science fiction backdrop. A quirky encyclopaedia of sorts - some may go as far as calling
When Africa meets design
Graphic design in Africa. From the first alphabets to contemporary issues.
Concerto for a logo
For 3 years we've been supporting the ESPE – Assonance Choir with their identity and posters design. Mixed choir of over a hundred people, it is open to active and retired teachers, students and trainees of the ESPE (teaching and education college) and also to any other person.

The cobbler is no longer the worst-shod
For once the cobbler is no longer the worst-shod. We wish to share with you some pictures of our new business cards.
The genesis with pictograms
The genesis with pictograms
300 000 Charlie in Lyon
11/01/15 - A huge crowd in Lyon. Young, old, black, white ... some portraits in black and white ...

I just want to cry!
Solidarity with Charlie Hebdo! I just want to cry...
Happy and creepy Halloween !
Graphéine wish you a joyful and scary Halloween party!
Open Day 2015 UPEC
Take control of your future!  Here's the concept that we have created for the open house of the University Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC). Following the concept "before - after" mixing "present" (the student)
sacred typeface
Revealing innovations and aspirations of their time, the fonts are present in the fields of printing techniques, arts, mass communication and advertising. They are at the heart of culture and civilization.
Tutorial: Poster Festival of Lights (part2)
Tutorial : Do your poster for the festival of lights.
Choeur Assonance
Identité visuelle du Choeur Assonance, un chœur mixte de plus d’une centaine de personnes. Mozart, verdi, berlioz au programme !
There is no smoke without brands!
As there is no smoke without brands, see why the cowboy firm tries to pack of cigarettes without logo.
The Noailles “A Life of Philanthropy”
Partons à la découverte de la fabuleuse histoire de la Villa Noailles et de ses illustres habitants Charles et Marie-Laure de Noailles, grand mécènes des arts, du design et de la mode
Le Corbusier: Convent of la Tourette
Short visit the Convent of La Tourette. Le Corbusier implements his favorite materials: sun, space, trees, steel and reinforced concrete, all under the sign of the Modulor.