événement participatif artistique lyon
République Grolée-Carnot or the art of creating the event
Discover 3 commercial entertainment operations that goes off the beaten track! A floating garden, a giant participatory fresco or a giant ball pool!
Who is the PoPA of the MoMA logo? Thoughts about contemporary branding
Le MoMa est un musée incontournable et son logotype est devenu une référence de l'identité visuelle et du branding culturel. Découvrez la personne à l’origine de cette création graphique qui réconcilie génie et simplicité.
Comic sans typographie
Typorama #01 : The Comic Sans MS
Nothing predicted the Comic Sans MS to become what it is today: a font hated by graphic designers and yet very popular with the general public. Discover its history... and its some qualities.
Cannabis branding: a green history
With the superpowers found in this medicinal plant, cannabis is gradually freeing itself from the codes of the high kingdom. History and analysis.

Bauhaus Football Club, the greatest design team of all time!
The Bauhaus Football Club, the story of the most beautiful design team in the world. When the football world cup is a pretext to revise your classics...
The utopia of representing futuristic cities
Robida, Verne, Schuiten... Here is an overview of the representations of writers, draughtsmen, scriptwriters and architects who have contributed to dreaming of the city of the future in a utopian impulse, or to underline its limits.
Super-héros-glyphes art égyptien geek
Superhero-glyphs are coming!
The graphic designer and illustrator Josh Ln had fun imagining "super-hiéroglyphs". Totally influenced by geek culture, he offers us a uchronic and eccentric reinterpretation of Egyptian history.
Brand New Conference, brand new every year!
The Brand New Conference is an annual 2-day event that brings together the crème de la crème of influential graphic designers and during which brand identity and logos are discussed. An American-style must-have led by a couple of designers who create a new identity for each edition.
Graphic design around the world: Turkey
Ever wondered how it is like to be a designer abroad? Here is an illustrated portrait of Turkish graphic design, through history and contemporary designers.

Étienne Robial: “Decoded!”
Every day, millions of french people see Étienne Robial's work. In this article we decode, in plain language, a long career in graphic design, from Canal+ to Inrockuptibles.
A short history of book covers – 4/4
Last chapter on french publishing houses, the split between Poche and Folio, the graphic inventors, and the return of the beautiful independent book.
A short history of book covers – 3/4
From Penguin Editions to the birth of graphic design, the cover is an open book on the social mores of a country and an era.

A short history of book covers – 2/4
Under the influence of Japan, France or Russia, book covers are constantly evolving with technical progress and crises.
Happy Helvetica to you!
Happy birthday Helvetica! The spanish studio Husmee has invited a selection of international studios to create a tribute poster to celebrate the 60 years of the creation of the famous typography.
A short history of book covers – 1/4
From codex to colour printing! Here is the first part of this series of articles sweeping the evolution of book covers to the present day, through the most striking revolutions.
Dick Bruna, minimalist graphic designer and father of the most famous rabbit on the planet
Dick Bruna was the father of the most famous rabbit on the planet: Miffy. He passed away on February 16, 2016 and we wish to pay tribute to his work as a graphic designer, beyond the simple designer of a minimalist white rabbit.
Oi! In love with a Brazilian ear
Let's fly to Brazil to meet a local star. It's neither the Cristo Redentor, nor Gilberto Gil, Pelé or even Giselle Bündchen. We will talk about curves though, but introduce you to the famous orelhões, the Brazilian phone booth of Oi -the local phone company.
Karel Martens: the impression that matters
Portrait of Karel Martens, the man with multiple motifs and lovers of constraints, reference in the world of graphic design and plastic research.
Trump was a graphic designer!
Trump will soon be designated as « most powerful man in the world » and we went digging into his past. We actually have evidence that Trump was a graphic designer. True story: he even created the type of IBM's logo!
Codex Seraphinianus: the most peculiar book in the world
Codex Seraphinianus, from the Italian artist-stroke-architect Luigi Serafini, is a journey into unchartered territories with a science fiction backdrop. A quirky encyclopaedia of sorts - some may go as far as calling it extra-terrestrial. In this universe, even the alphabet is indescribable, and even less decipherable.
Follow your passion or work with passion: a story about summit
How to work with passion, and what career choices to follow to avoid cracks?
Cassandre, “the magnificent”, 1901/1968
Ode to Cassandre, the man of a thousand talents. His design of posters and graphics revolutionized the role of visual communication.
Vasarely, the father of optical art
Inventor of optical art, but also advertising and graphic designer, Vasarely is a giant at the origin of an art form accessible to all, for all.
When Africa meets design
Graphic design in Africa. From the first alphabets to contemporary issues.
Ben Bos, the big “Bos” of dutch graphic design!
Ben Bos (1930-2017) The big Bos of Dutch design! Portrait of a graphic design giant who worked for Total Design for 3 decades.
Concerto for a logo
For 3 years we've been supporting the ESPE – Assonance Choir with their identity and posters design. Mixed choir of over a hundred people, it is open to active and retired teachers, students and trainees of the ESPE (teaching and education college) and also to any other person.
Shepard Fairey, “the worm that shone with the stars”
Shepard Fairey, "the worm that shone with the stars!" (Victor Hugo) Portrait of a street artist, illustrator and activist graphic designer.
Pierre Bernard & Grapus, “Graphic design of public utility”, 1942/2015
Pierre Bernard & Grapus. Collective and individual itinerary of a committed graphic designer, tireless defender of the notion of public utility in graphic design.
Jacno, “Five capital letters!”
Marcel Jacno (1904- 1989), known as Jacno, is a french graphic designer, famous notably for having designed the NPT logo, as well as the Gauloises cigarette pack.
Peter Gut “sketches real life”!
Peter Gut, a multiple work navigating between caricature, press drawing and illustration for children, with humour in the background.
The genesis with pictograms
The genesis with pictograms
Hans-Peter Hort, “bon vivant” and unknown
Portrait of the Swiss graphic designer Hans-Peter-Hort (1924-2010). No biography is dedicated to him. Here is an attempt to catch up...
I just want to cry!
Solidarity with Charlie Hebdo! I just want to cry...
Happy and creepy Halloween ! A Cassandre tribute…
Graphéine wish you a joyful and scary Halloween party! A tribute to the publicity made by Cassandre in the 1930s: "Dubo, Dubon, Dubonnet, Dubonnet",
Tutorial: Poster Festival of Lights (part2)
Tutorial : Do your poster for the festival of lights.
The most beautiful banknotes in the world!
The Bank of Norway presents its new banknotes. A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the heart of an exemplary design approach!
There is no smoke without brands!
As there is no smoke without brands, see why the cowboy firm tries to pack of cigarettes without logo.
Hans Hillman, “poster art without fuss”!
Hans Hillman, German graphic designer, illustrator and designer (1925-2014). He was a pioneer who, as early as the 1950s, re-invented the art of film posters in Germany, designing German versions of posters by Godard, Bunuel, Eisenstein, Kurosawa and Bergman.
Herb Leupin “A great swissman“
Herb leupin (1916-1999). Swiss graphic designer who produced more than 1000 advertising posters.
Martin Sharp, “sydneydelic”
When some wanted to make revolution with their voices or their guitars, he armed himself with his pencils and brushes. It was the early'60s, and Kennedy wasn't an airport yet.
Edward Bawden, “Great illustrator from Great Britain”
Painter, graphic designer, English illustrator little known in France. Yet, Edward Bawden remains a great illustrator from Great Britain!
The secrets of the “Rencontres de Lure”
Les Rencontres de Lure. For 61 years, strange wackos have been meeting every summer in "Lurs-en-Provence" to redo the typography in particular and the world in general. In a climate of camaraderie, under the Provençal sun, perched on a rock, all the faces of typography are discussed.
Alexander Girard, “the color-fool”
Textile designer, graphic designer, furniture designer... nothing is colorful enough for this Italian-American!
The Noailles “A Life of philanthropy”
Let's explore the fabulous history of Villa Noailles and its illustrious inhabitants Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles, great patrons of the arts, design and fashion!