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A few weeks ago we were talking about the work on Facebook's visual identity. At that time, the only thing that had not been revamped was the logo. Indeed, since 2005, the logo composed with the character "Klavika" of Eric Olson had not changed. It's done !

If the somewhat rigid and serious aspect of the character "Klavika" had been able to produce a serious and reassuring effect at the launch of the start-up, it turns out that times have changed. The new typographic choice is therefore much more round and sympathetic.

We can note several changes (certainly subtle for non-graphic artists), starting with the "a" which changes form to become one to "round". The "o" and "e" are more round, and the "b" has a more traditional design.

The whole is rather harmonious, and some experts see it as a link of affiliation with the font Franklin Gothic.



A strange feeling ?

The strangest thing is that after 10 years of seeing this logo several dozen times a day, by discovering this new logo, I have the impression that it is not "Facebook" that speaks to me ". Apart from the "f", we do not find much of the spirit of the previous logo. The angles at the top of the rising letters have almost disappeared, the form of "b" has become banal again ...

In short, it is an amazing change, which has the merit / default (you choose) to make a feature on the past. Probably we will have to talk about it in ten years, when we have seen this logo several billion times!


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