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SAY LUNDI #13 – Hallelujah for Leonard Cohen

14 November 2016  |   0 Comments   |    |  
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This Monday, we pay tribute to Léonard Cohen, with a series of covers; rest assured, it is not the Graphéine team that sings.

Nina Simone, Cat Empire, Lana del Rey, Jeff Buckley... Say Monday! with great names, for great songs. This is an opportunity to discover some beautiful ones.

As a reminder: you can intervene in Say Monday ! and send us your playlist by answering the questions below.

Photo used on the cover image: Ian Laidlaw.

See you next Monday!

Share your playlist with us!

You are a graphic artist, designer, footballer, or even a veteran, you love music and want to share your nuggets, then submit us a 15 to 20 pieces playlist. These can be thematic, eclectic, wild or peaceful... and the best proposals will be shared!

Thus each playlist will also be accompanied by a portrait of its author.
For that, here is a grid of questions...

  • Who the hell are you?
  • Tell us more about your current projects.
  • Tell us about the album cover that impressed you the most..
  • Where are you taking us this Monday with that playlist?
  • If you had a song to dedicate to Graphéine, it would be...
  • So, to your vinyl and your pencils! You can send us all this on "hello(at)grapheine(point)com" !

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