A “Get lucky!” communication strategy for Daft Punk

27 May 2013  |   0 Comments   |    |  

get lucky daft punk tribute

Graphéine pays tribute to Daft Punk's communication strategy

I know, you say to yourself, "Why this tribute? We've heard about them every day for a month, many others have already talked about them and, above all, what does it have to do with our blog?

I'll tell you everything. I find the Daft Punk's communication strategy totally incredible! That alone is already an exciting topic!!

It is therefore true, opinions are rather divided: for some, they are "gods of communication". For others, they are just two "punks idiots" ("Daft Punk") who pull the "big strings of communication" to be foamed!

So... what do you think?

As a fan of their communication strategy, if you take a closer look, Daft Punk's success is just based on "an original mystery", on an ingredient that arouses our natural curiosity. But who are they? What do they look like? Are they like their music?

With these helmets, which are the basis of their success in communication, they are the best known strangers in the world. Few artists manage to make such an (international) sensation with so little! And that, for me (sorry for those who don't believe it), but it's genius! And they are two, and they are French, cocorico =).

That is why, at Graphéine, we wanted to do this illustration.

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