Dixxit, the rebranding of an editorial agency

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Here is the visual identity redesign Dixxit. For 10 years, Dixxit advises and assists clients in the development and redesign their interactive editorial policy. They imagines, creates and organizes the digital content of large companies and organizations to help them leave a useful and sustainable digital footprint.

After a decade of loyal service, the time had come to rethink their visual identity.

A summary of the work.


The name becomes a symbol

Doing a hyphenation after the first x, allows you to get a rhythm in the reading of the word. This makes it possible to highlight the graphic qualities (symmetry) and the natural phonetic qualities of the word (d and t are phonetically similar).

The fact of decentralizing the word in the square is a choice of composition that opposes the idea of banality. An unexpected experience is an effective way to make a lasting impression and thus facilitate memorization. Otherwise, he would not have the same visual strength.

Identité de marque dixxit

gamme de couleurs

branding agence

design identité globale, plaquette

editorial design

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