FERS – a logo that gives wings to our children

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A logo that gives wings to our children

Here is the re-branding that we have just done for FERS (Fondation Entreprise Réussite Scolaire which means in French "Foundation Company & school success"). The work was to change the flower of their current logo to give it a facelift.
Created in 1990 by the City of Lyon and several companies, supported by the Ministry of Education, the FERS promotes openness of children on economic, technical and cultural of the contemporary world. Making sense of school learning, broaden the horizons of children to give them confidence and valuing all forms of skills, whether from the world educational, economic world, or elected officials.


Initially the flower could symbolize somehow the idea of "let the children flourish." Each petal represents a component of the foundation (Children, parents, teachers and professionals). The idea of the association being shortened to cross all these components in order to improve the development of children.


Our work is therefore the logical continuation of this idea blossom. To sum up our creative process, we blew on the flower for it to take off like a butterfly. "Giving wings" on this little flower is like providing him the ability to excel, to be transcended, and gain freedom. This is exactly the mission that provides the foundation for children.


The whole graphic design will use the geometric simplicity of the logo, as well as the play of 4 colors. Even the symbols are drawn from these semicircles. An exercise in style that we had fun!


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