Graphéine is a Graphic Design advice agency created in 2002 by like-minded and lively designers from various professional walks of life, all addicted to image. In this backdrop, all members use their skills to complement the whole.

Jérémie Fesson

CEO, co-founder & creative director

Mathias Rabiot

CEO, co-founder & creative director

Céline Boursin

Operations manager - Lyon

Jonas Barry

Graphic designer & illustrator

Gaspard Ollagnon

Art director

Leslie Darné

Operations manager - Paris

Camille Cohic

Graphic designer

Tiphaine Guillermou


Ajitesh Lokhande

Graphic designer

Pauline Lagadec

Graphic designer

Nicolas Guy

Art director

Emma gouju

Junior Project Manager

Camille Dorival

Art director

Lucas Bernard

Font designer

Mathéo Roy

Junior graphic designer

Paul Cottais

Junior Art director [2022-2023]

Adrienn Nagy

Art director [2014-2022]

Maxime Saint-Etienne

Art director [2017-2022]

Sarah Magro

Art director [2019-2022]

Adrien Gervet

Graphic designer [2021]

Klervi blanchard

Graphic designer [2017, 2019, 2020]

Ambre Koubbi-Hauzi

Graphic designer [2019-2020]

Jean-Albert Heckel

Art director [2018-2019]

Célia Grandhomme

Graphic designer [2018-2019]

Céline Chenu

Graphic designer [2019]

Philip de Canaga

Graphic & motion designer [2015-2018]

Manon Moreau

Graphic designer & illustrator [2017-2018]

Jeremy Cheramy

Graphic designer [2016-2018]

Florian Mallamaci

Graphic designer [2016-2017]

Géraldine Martin

Office manager [2016-2017]

Sophie Rueter

Graphic designer [2014-2015]

Cyril Lebret

Graphic designer [2010-2013]

Camille Cohic

Anaïs Prudhomme

Manon Moreau

Krystal Phan-Lannon

Morgane Malevre

Wanda Perdriolle

Jean-Baptiste Brisson

Gabriel Abergel

Camille Jouarre

Klervi Blanchard

Jean-Baptiste Bailly