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The organizers have unveiled the new Olympics pictograms of the Paris 2024 Games, which totally lose us.
The UK Postal Service presents the new stamp of King Charles III, a very sober portrait without a crown, a very symbolic first for the British crown!
The stones of the French Museum of Natural History design patterns and natural landscapes, fascinating mineral creations of millions of years.
The first writings were drawings, and universal languages have always used images to communicate.
The strategy of "RGB-First": Reflection on the colorimetric chain RGB / CMYK in print and digital communication.
Many brands use colors as symbols to convey their identity. But can we really legally appropriate a color?
When artists are the users of an exclusive color, one may wonder if it is the color or its symbolism that unleashes the passions.
We are entering the "time of the tribes". Let's discover the impact of this post-modernity for the logos and visual identities of brands and companies.
Who controls the memes controls the universe! Analysis of the meme phenomenon, comparison with the stakes of brands and analysis of the impacts on political communication.
Product placement in movies is sometimes irritating, funny or totally fictitious. Brands from movies sometimes even come to life.
How to see more clearly in the typographic classification and which tools allow to choose and recognize the typographies?
How to optimize and boost your creativity: techniques to be here and now and dive into flow, an optimal state of consciousness.
What is creativity and what does it depend on? Our analysis of the context and conditions necessary for a creative idea to flourish.
Stress impacts our creativity. How do we perceive time and how does it affect creativity in our brain?
Flat out again at work... In a hurry, rushed by time and overwhelmed until last minute. But what does the expression "charrette" mean anyway?
Before creating a new city logo, several elements have to be taken into account: the purpose of the new logo, the budget, its inhabitants...
How to make millions of voters, 50% of whom are illiterate, vote? India offers visual political logos that are out of the ordinary.
To understand cowboys' branding system, it is necessary to look at the hot-branding of cattle, and artists' monograms.
In their search for a universal language, Leibniz and his disciples may have attempted to create the impossible. And yet...
Imagine a silent language, without letters or words, for non-humans. In front of your eyes, the yerkish, a language for communicating with monkeys, takes shape.
Bizarre as well as strange, the Unicode language aims to collect and preserve writings... by standardizing them.
A furtive glimpse of some of the techniques used in the early days of colour photography, from the Lumière brothers to Louis Dufay, the forgotten inventor.
If Louis Dufay's name has fallen into oblivion, one of his inventions will be remembered: the heliophore, the kinetic paper that shone in the 60s.
Let's discover hybrid images and see how neuroscience can help us better understand our "gaze".
Why and how anti-feminicide collages, through their "graphic charter" as simple as it is powerful, have opened a wide breach in the public debate. An opportunity to try to untangle how the "branding of a social movement" differs from the "classic branding of brands".
Discover 3 commercial entertainment operations that goes off the beaten track! A floating garden, a giant participatory fresco or a giant ball pool!
Le MoMa est un musée incontournable et son logotype est devenu une référence de l'identité visuelle et du branding culturel. Découvrez la personne à l’origine de cette création graphique qui réconcilie génie et simplicité.
No mercy for Juste un Clou, the luxury bracelet that makes our skin crawl. From the 70s to today, a look at the evolution of the world of luxury.
With the superpowers found in this medicinal plant, cannabis is gradually freeing itself from the codes of the high kingdom. History and analysis.
Robida, Verne, Schuiten... Here is an overview of the representations of writers, draughtsmen, scriptwriters and architects who have contributed to dreaming of the city of the future in a utopian impulse, or to underline its limits.
The graphic designer and illustrator Josh Ln had fun imagining "super-hiéroglyphs". Totally influenced by geek culture, he offers us a uchronic and eccentric reinterpretation of Egyptian history.
The Brand New Conference is an annual 2-day event that brings together the crème de la crème of influential graphic designers and during which brand identity and logos are discussed. An American-style must-have led by a couple of designers who create a new identity for each edition.
Happy birthday Helvetica! The spanish studio Husmee has invited a selection of international studios to create a tribute poster to celebrate the 60 years of the creation of the famous typography.
Let's fly to Brazil to meet a local star. It's neither the Cristo Redentor, nor Gilberto Gil, Pelé or even Giselle Bündchen. We will talk about curves though, but introduce you to the famous orelhões, the Brazilian phone booth of Oi -the local phone company.
Un métier rare comme le yéti : dessinateur de pistes de ski. Sans le savoir, vous avez très probablement déjà vu des oeuvres de Novat.
The Codex Seraphinianus is considered by some as the strangest book ever published. A unique, beautiful, confusing... and above all indescribable art book!
How to work with passion, and what career choices to follow to avoid cracks?
Imagining customer feedback on mythical posters. The tone is exacerbated and any resemblance to real and actual feedback is purely coincidental.
Graphic design in Africa. From the first alphabets to contemporary issues.
The genesis with pictograms
Solidarity with Charlie Hebdo! I just want to cry...
Graphéine wish you a joyful and scary Halloween party! A tribute to the publicity made by Cassandre in the 1930s: "Dubo, Dubon, Dubonnet, Dubonnet",
Tutorial : Do your poster for the festival of lights.
Visit of the Vitra Design museum near Basel. A delight of architecture, Pop Art, design furniture... and also graphics!