This surprising co-branding gives us the opportunity to look back at the history of evian and to decipher the stakes of this strategy of luxification, greenwashing and the issue of plastic waste.
Burberry's new logo revives the brand's coat of arms by adopting an antique typography and recovering its knight.
From Toblerone to Milka to feta cheese, brands mark their territory on their packaging and are sometimes caught up in the globalization game.
Back to the future for Citroën which reveals a new logo inspired by the past. Nothing surprising for this necessary yet futuristic strategy.
The Olympic Games are redesigning their identity to harmonize their visibility in all countries and on all communication media.
Suite à l'invasion et la guerre en Ukraine, McDonald's s'est retiré de Russie. Ses 850 restaurants seront peu à peu repris par un millionnaire et proposeront les mêmes menus, sous un nouveau nom et un nouveau logo à la sauce russe.
After 10 years of existence, le Slip français washes its image and puts on a new logo. Simple, basic, more inclusive, but is it enough?
"Adopte un mec" abandons its shopping cart and unveils its new logo: if women consume more, they devour! A look back at sexist ads.
Total has changed its name, with a new logo and a new identity: TotalEnergies. Is this a faded strategy to go green without denying its past?
What is a cult and timeless logo? We take advantage of an invitation to decipher the Algeco logo to look at the case of "iconic" logos.
Peugeot reveals its new logo, a revival of the 1960 logo. An astonishing or worrying positioning? Here are a few insights.
Nouvelle identité visuelle de la CIA, avec un petit look de festival electro ou de série Netflix !
Helvetica, as an icon, has become a brand: you can now drink, wear or even smell Helvetica.
From Uncle Ben's or Aunt Jemima's brand name history to Mammy's syrup, the racist packaging are sitting on a (pancake) powder keg.
It took 68 million years to resurrect a T-rex, and almost as long to create the Jurassic Park logo. Here is his wicked adventure.
At the beginning of January, the city and the department of Paris merged, the opportunity for the capital city to review its visual identity. Here is the analysis of this logo made by Carré Noir.
On the occasion of its annual congress, the French Communist Party (PCF) has just given itself a little present: "A new logo!" This is an event, since the previous logo dated from 1990. Let's decipher this logo.
Discover how Harald with blue teeth, a Danish king of the 9th century, inspired the name and logo of Bluetooth.
The women's magazine Glamour changed its logo and layout several times before taking a radical turn in early May. Glamour displays a new logo in the United States, a new model in France, and a promise of less "girly" content.
8 errors are hidden in the Tinder logo! Can you find them? Here's a short and fun presentation of the tinder logo, where we'll not be tender.
The Duperré School changes its visual identity. A project designed by L'atelier Ouf ! and the Production Type foundry.
McDonlads turns over its logo for International Women's Rights Day... not sure it's really a feminist act!
BlaBlaCar, the European carpooling start-up bringing drivers and passengers together, is adorned with a new talking logo.
After 2 years of public competition, Russia unveils its new tourist logo to illustrate the country internationally. An identity with supremacist accents that tells the story of Russia.
A new visual identity for the Musée des Arts Décoratifs that becomes "MAD"... Fashion, Arts, Design!
The next World Chess Championship should please chess players... and Kamasutra fans. Here is the new identity of the World Chess, with a "hot" poster.
France Télévisions and all its channels are about to change their visual identity! A story of a dot. Period.
The new visual identity of Saint-Malo.
Bye bye red square from the Cité des sciences, glory to you for having rendered service to science and the graphic nation. Welcome to serious business...
Ebay reveals its new visual identity, with taste of already (too) seen! It's clean. It's corporate. But what the hell it's boring.
New visual identity for the Gaîté Lyrique, a nice logo to start 2017. Yorgo Tloupas, our hexagonal madmen has struck again!
Facebook's visual identity redesign led by the American designer Ben Barry between 2009 and 2015. Logo, typography, colors, icons...
Presenting the new logo for restaurant "Quick". My first thoughts go immediately to the previous logo that has lived 22 years.
New visual identity of Bordeaux Metropole. An opportunity to examine the generative visual identities.
Presentation of the visual identity of the Louvre Abu Dhabi. When french interests meet petrodollars, it gives a beautiful logo!
As there is no smoke without brands, see why the cowboy firm tries to pack of cigarettes without logo.