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"Courir" sports brand revamps its logo

Research Studio Paris was given the task of creating a new visual identity for Courir, the sports shoe retailer. Neville Brody's Paris-based team, already known for logos for the Salomon brand and the website, worked from a typeface specially designed by the designer to create a new identity, which was then applied to the layout and ambience of the stores.

Le nouveau logo de l'enseigne Courir

The new courir logo

So much for the futuristic rounded font, and bye-bye to the old logo, which represented an all-over painted C. The new logo, which is intended to be simpler and more impactful, was the basis for the work of Research Studio Paris, which developed the signage and all the new color and visual codes for the new store concept, owned by the Go Sport group.

To see this new identity in action, you'll have to visit the Courir store in the Rosny 2 shopping center, the pilot for this rejuvenation, this spring.


Before / After


Research Studio Paris

Nevil Brody is probably one of the most renowned art directors of his generation. In the 80s, 90s and 2000s, he shook things up and opened up new avenues for typography, particularly by revolutionizing the layout of cult magazines such as The Face, Arena and the famous Actuel magazine in France. In 1994, he founded Research Studios in London. His clients include Nike, Parco, British Airways, Swatch, The Guardian, Reuters, Salomon, Sony, Domus... the list is long and prestigious. In 2000, he opened Research Studios Paris in association with Lionel Massias, a former designer at the London studio.

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