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The stones of the French Museum of Natural History design patterns and natural landscapes, fascinating mineral creations of millions of years.
The first writings were drawings, and universal languages have always used images to communicate.
The strategy of "RGB-First": Reflection on the colorimetric chain RGB / CMYK in print and digital communication.
Many brands use colors as symbols to convey their identity. But can we really legally appropriate a color?
Identité visuelle sup-de-com
Visual identity project (not selected) for the communication school "Sup de Com". Complete presentation of the strategic and creative approach.

of the agency

Our recent projects.

communication théâtre de nîmes
Project (not retained) of visual identity for the Theatre of Nîmes. A logo that exclaims "loud and clear" to reinforce the symbolic presence of the theater in the urban space.
identité-visuelle- convention-européenne des droits de l’Homme -
Visual identity project for the 70th anniversary of the European Convention on Human Rights.
colorful #2022 pantone
To celebrate the new year, Graphéine offers you colors, to brighten up your life in 2022 (and some humor, too).

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Back to the future for Citroën which reveals a new logo inspired by the past. Nothing surprising for this necessary yet futuristic strategy.
The Olympic Games are redesigning their identity to harmonize their visibility in all countries and on all communication media.
Suite à l'invasion et la guerre en Ukraine, McDonald's s'est retiré de Russie. Ses 850 restaurants seront peu à peu repris par un millionnaire et proposeront les mêmes menus, sous un nouveau nom et un nouveau logo à la sauce russe.
After 10 years of existence, le Slip français washes its image and puts on a new logo. Simple, basic, more inclusive, but is it enough?
John Heartfield is a German "photomontage technician", politically engaged with his collages against Nazism and fascism.
Herb Lubalin's biography in pictures. In his 40-year career, Lubalin has revolutionized the landscape of American graphic design by composing images with text.
From the Nazis to the moon, Futura is probably the most used typeface in the world, and yet it's not new!
Barbara Kruger denounces the over-consumption since the 70s. The Supreme brand has appropriated her graphic codes. But who is hijacking whom?
From consumer logos to social movements, Debbie Millman questions the meaning of design in society through her work.
Imagining customer feedback on mythical posters. The tone is exacerbated and any resemblance to real and actual feedback is purely coincidental.
In the 1950s, in the midst of the Cold War, Paul Rand transformed the use of graphic design and the face of American companies.
Müller-Brockmann is one of the most influential graphic designers in the history. His work is always taught, studied and published. It is certainly the figurehead of Swiss graphic design (which also takes the name of international style). His work is influenced by Bauhaus and constructivism. Typography and geometry are predominant.
From codex to colour printing! Here is the first part of this series of articles sweeping the evolution of book covers to the present day, through the most striking revolutions.
Graphic design in Africa. From the first alphabets to contemporary issues.