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Y2K, the trend of the 2000s, is back. Embodying an already retro future, its iridescent reflections shake up digital codes.
From founders' surnames to initials and acronyms, brand names have always oscillated between abstraction and familiarity.
Ambigrams, visual and symmetrical puns, have mysterious origins and are used today in logos and art.
In Iran, Mahsa Amini died for a lock of hair poorly concealed behind her headscarf, giving rise to a massive protest movement against the mullahs' regime. The gesture of a severed lock of hair becoming the symbol of this struggle gives us the opportunity to look back at the many
Identité visuelle sup-de-com
Visual identity project (not selected) for the communication school "Sup de Com". Complete presentation of the strategic and creative approach.

of the agency

Our recent projects.

communication théâtre de nîmes
Project (not retained) of visual identity for the Theatre of Nîmes. A logo that exclaims "loud and clear" to reinforce the symbolic presence of the theater in the urban space.
identité-visuelle- convention-européenne des droits de l’Homme -
Visual identity project for the 70th anniversary of the European Convention on Human Rights.
colorful #2022 pantone
To celebrate the new year, Graphéine offers you colors, to brighten up your life in 2022 (and some humor, too).

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For COP28, two designers have come up with a new UN logo showing the rising sea levels and the future disappearance of much land and coastline.
This surprising co-branding gives us the opportunity to look back at the history of evian and to decipher the stakes of this strategy of luxification, greenwashing and the issue of plastic waste.
Burberry's new logo revives the brand's coat of arms by adopting an antique typography and recovering its knight.
From Toblerone to Milka to feta cheese, brands mark their territory on their packaging and are sometimes caught up in the globalization game.
Escher is a "mathemagician" who created realistic yet physically impossible works, combining art and mathematics.
Anni Albers was one of the few Bauhaus women to achieve fame in her own lifetime. Her work dusted off and modernized tapestry.
The vinyl sleeves come to life with jazz. It is a whole graphic universe that makes the music heard, through the illustration or the photo.
Both a visual or life discipline, minimalism has become a questionable trend and consists in simplifying to keep only the essential.
John Heartfield is a German "photomontage technician", politically engaged with his collages against Nazism and fascism.
Imagining customer feedback on mythical posters. The tone is exacerbated and any resemblance to real and actual feedback is purely coincidental.
In the 1950s, in the midst of the Cold War, Paul Rand transformed the use of graphic design and the face of American companies.
Müller-Brockmann is one of the most influential graphic designers in the history. His work is always taught, studied and published. It is certainly the figurehead of Swiss graphic design (which also takes the name of international style). His work is influenced by Bauhaus and constructivism. Typography and geometry are predominant.
From codex to colour printing! Here is the first part of this series of articles sweeping the evolution of book covers to the present day, through the most striking revolutions.
It took 68 million years to resurrect a T-rex, and almost as long to create the Jurassic Park logo. Here is his wicked adventure.