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Comic sans typographie
Typorama #01 : The Comic Sans MS
Nothing predicted the Comic Sans MS to become what it is today: a font hated by graphic designers and yet very popular with the general public. Discover its history... and its some qualities.
Cannabis branding: a green history
With the superpowers found in this medicinal plant, cannabis is gradually freeing itself from the codes of the high kingdom. History and analysis.
Bauhaus Football Club, the greatest design team of all time!
The Bauhaus Football Club, the story of the most beautiful design team in the world. When the football world cup is a pretext to revise your classics...
The utopia of representing futuristic cities
Robida, Verne, Schuiten... Here is an overview of the representations of writers, draughtsmen, scriptwriters and architects who have contributed to dreaming of the city of the future in a utopian impulse, or to underline its limits.
Périgueux Gourmet book Fair poster
Here is the poster we made for the Périgueux Gourmet book Fair... As a bonus we present you the other creative concepts we had proposed.

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Our recent projects.

“Pérouges Spring Festival” lights fire in 2018
An explosive poster for the 2018 edition of the Pérouges Spring Festival: for this 22nd edition, we light fire with dynamite cherries!
Bauhaus posters and sausages for the 100th Bauhaus anniversary
Some in-house Bauhaus posters to pay tribute to the Bauhaus 100th anniversary, and to German sausages. Architecture, typography, gastronomy!
Logo en forme de visage pour association enfants cancer
AJA, Adolescents & Young Adults team of the Institut Curie
Design of the visual identity of the "AJA" team of Institut Curie, one of the 8 units in France to look after adolescents and young adults with cancer. We have imagined a multiple, cheerful and benevolent logo.

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The story of Harald with blue teeth!
Discover how Harald with blue teeth, a Danish king of the 9th century, inspired the name and logo of Bluetooth.
nouveau logo magazine glamour
From glam to filter-free, Glamour’s new look
The women's magazine Glamour changed its logo and layout several times before taking a radical turn in early May. Glamour displays a new logo in the United States, a new model in France, and a promise of less "girly" content.
Duperré School changes of visual identity
The Duperré School changes its visual identity. A project designed by L'atelier Ouf ! and the Production Type foundry.