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Muller Brockmann most famous Graphic designer
Josef Müller-Brockmann “swiss style”
Müller-Brockmann is one of the most influential graphic designers in the history. His work is always taught, studied and published. It is certainly the figurehead of Swiss graphic design (which also takes
Graphic design around the world: Turkey
Ever wondered how it is like to be a designer abroad? Here is an illustrated portrait of Turkish graphic design, through history and contemporary designers.
Happy Helvetica to you!
Happy birthday Helvetica! The spanish studio Husmee has invited a selection of international studios to create a tribute poster to celebrate the 60 years of the creation of the famous typography.
Oi! In love with a Brazilian ear
Let's fly to Brazil to meet a local star. It's neither the Cristo Redentor, nor Gilberto Gil, Pelé or even Giselle Bündchen. We will talk about curves though, but introduce you to
Live sustainably in Paris!
Creation of an illustrative poster for the Paris Climate Agency (APC). Mobility, energy savings, consumption... Live sustainably in Paris!

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Our recent projects.

Graphéine, 201& you
Graphéine wishes you a new year full of projects & even more!
Illustrations for the World Economic Forum
Since 2015 we've been designing illustrations for the covers of the reports of the World Economic Forum. We work on two series: the Gender Gap Report and the Human Capital Report.
2017 France Colombia cultural season
Visual identity project for the 2017 Franco-Colombian cultural season.

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Duperré School changes of visual identity
The Duperré School changes its visual identity. A project designed by L'atelier Ouf ! and the Production Type foundry.