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A flexible visual identity system to celebrate "Science with and for Society"

The University of Caen Normandy (UNICAEN) in collaboration with Le Dôme (a cultural and collaborative innovation space) has been awarded the "Sciences with and for Society" label since November 2021. SAPS is a government label created by the Ministry of Research, Higher Education and Innovation.

The joint action strategy of the University of Caen Normandie and the Dôme aims to create science outreach programmes based on popular cultural practices and to propose projects involving the general public in research and innovation programmes. Between 2022 and 2024, UNICAEN and the Dôme will jointly implement ten activity programmes, divided into 4 areas: participatory research on social issues, training in mediation, the fight against infodemia and fake news, and evaluation and sharing systems.

Approach: typography as image

There was no graphic consistency between the communications of the various programmes existing under the SAPS label; the identity of each programme was either linked to that of the University of Caen, the Dôme or its own identity. The University of Caen Normandy contacted Graphéine to redefine the graphic charter and harmonise the communication tools of the 'Sciences with and for Society' (SAPS) unit in partnership with Le Dôme.

Given the diversity of programmes under the SAPS label, the new identity needed to be flexible in its expression, while creating a strong visual link across all communication under this label.

Our initial observation revealed a point in common between the logos of the University of Caen, the Dôme and the SAPS label: a typographic block where two shapes meet. This meeting of two shapes graphically symbolised the crossing of subjects at the heart of the objectives of the SAPS label, which aims to promote the meeting between:
Sciences x Society
Research x Mediation
UniCaen x Le Dôme

A custom typography with "intersecting shapes »

We therefore chose to create a visual universe based on a custom 'crossed shapes' typography. Marking the identity of the SAPS label through typography allowed us to retain great flexibility over the layout and iconography while labelling SAPS programmes under the same flag.

A coherent, flexible identity

While the SAPS identity brings together Le Dôme, the SAPS label and the University of Caen in a single identity, it also offers great flexibility in terms of presence and layout. The identity adapts to the content and works with both highly-charged visuals and visuals with no content constraints. The new identity is recognisable and consistent across all communication channels.

A typographic identity was also an effective solution for making the brand coexist with the existing logos of the 3 entities (UniCaen, SAPS, Le Dôme). Multi-faceted, the identity can be both serious and professional, as well as event-based and playful.

A global graphic guidelines

The typography we have created can be used as information text or as a graphic image. The charter is also based on the creation of a functional and emotional range to categorise the four different axes. We enriched the charter with a system of pictograms designed to convey emotions, messages and information. Finally, we set up a page layout system to make it easier to adapt the communication tools.

Research and science as an engaging and dynamic subject

In order to arouse the curiosity and desire of a university audience and break down the often overly technical and tedious image of the field of science and research, the brand universe develops a playful and contemporary style so that the field of science and research is finally perceived as an engaging, collective and dynamic subject.


In 2020, three major publications were devoted to the relationship between Science and Society by the European Union, CESER and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, together with the Ministry of Culture. All these initiatives are concerned with the development of research practices and the dissemination of research methods and results to the general public and to all stakeholders in society.

It is in this context that the French Ministry of Research, Higher Education and Innovation (MESRI) has created a 'Sciences with and for Society' (SAPS) label. Since November 2021, the University of Caen Normandy (UNICAEN), in collaboration with Le Dôme, has been one of the first eight universities to obtain this label. The joint action strategy of the University of Caen Normandie and Le Dôme aims, on the one hand, to create scientific mediation systems based on popular cultural practices and, on the other, to propose projects involving the general public in research and innovation programmes through creative participatory workshops.


As the university and the Dôme are 2 distinct structures with pre-existing events and activities in the field of scientific culture, the aim was to propose a visual universe that would make the SAPS LABEL recognisable and capable of blending with each of the partner structures' identities, as well as with the government's SAPS identity.

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Logo creation, visual identity and graphic guidelines. Typographic design.
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Communication in the education, higher education and health sector. An indispensable partner in the transformation of the health and wellness industry through the alchemy of creativity and technology. Communication in science and research.

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