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Let's fly to Brazil to meet a local star. It's neither the Cristo Redentor, nor Gilberto Gil, Pelé or even Giselle Bündchen. We will talk about curves though, but introduce you to the famous orelhões, the Brazilian phone booth of Oi -the local phone company.
Un métier rare comme le yéti : dessinateur de pistes de ski. Sans le savoir, vous avez très probablement déjà vu des oeuvres de Novat.
The Codex Seraphinianus is considered by some as the strangest book ever published. A unique, beautiful, confusing... and above all indescribable art book!
How to work with passion, and what career choices to follow to avoid cracks?
Imagining customer feedback on mythical posters. The tone is exacerbated and any resemblance to real and actual feedback is purely coincidental.
Adult drawings inspired by children's drawings, a diversion into surrealism and an exercise in style.
Graphic design in Africa. From the first alphabets to contemporary issues.
17 works by Le Corbusier enter the World Heritage inventory at the Tourette convent.
A Parisian tribute to the covers of The New Yorker, The Parisianer brings together illustrators for the front cover of a virtual magazine. Illustrating a multiple and colorful Paris.
Twice a year Pantone proposes ten seasonal colours... a little technicolour deciphering from the big man of colour!
A Hong Kong advertising campaign using DNA sequencing raises questions about the link between marketing and genetics.
The genesis with pictograms
A short visit to the Basel ( Switzerland ) printing museum. A unique opportunity to discover a little treasure: the Helvetica protocol !
Pareidolia, or the art of seeing faces anywhere! A cognitive phenomenon to which we may owe the survival of the human species and some amazing image collections !
Solidarity with Charlie Hebdo! I just want to cry...
Graphéine wish you a joyful and scary Halloween party! A tribute to the publicity made by Cassandre in the 1930s: "Dubo, Dubon, Dubonnet, Dubonnet",
When brands privatize language, it's death of words. Yet language must remain a common good, not susceptible to privatization.
Tutorial : Do your poster for the festival of lights.
Draw quickly a city map with Illustrator !
The two ironic, subversive posters for the 2014 Chaumont Festival question current affairs with a bazooka... and it's great !
CNES unveils a new island discovered by the Pleiades satellites, a new kind of high-resolution earth observation satellite ! It's also a great opportunity to discover a visual April Fool's !
On April 1, 1977, Guardian readers discovered a 7-page dossier on a new country called San Serriffe : the typographic hoax of the century !
At first, you want to say "I love you" with a penknife... Whatever the moral is, we engrave a few letters with the tip of a N°2 opinel, and let time do its work: light, regular, bold, extra-bold...
Ecology and typography : Garamond typography, the 14-year-old prodigy and $136 million in savings ! Why this equation isn't entirely true !
After eight eventful seasons, the Dexter series has just come to an end. (You can continue reading this article without fear, it's guaranteed spoiler-free!) It's hard to come back down after being inside the head of a serial killer for so long. Will you miss it? I'm not so sure.
Ah the pleasure of rummaging through a crate full of Legos in search of the right brick and the right color - a real Proust's Madeleine ! As you probably know, graphic designers are big kids, and they love to play this timeless construction game. The return in force of
Land Art, artistic installations, sculptures and photographs. Ludovic Fesson's art invades the banks of the Loire.
Flat design versus Skeumorphism, a brief analysis of the latest trends in web design and communication. Google, Apple and Microsoft, 3 case studies under the microscope!
Visit of the Vitra Design museum near Basel. A delight of architecture, Pop Art, design furniture... and also graphics!
In 1980, Daniel Lelong, director of the gallery of the same name, suggested to the French Tennis Federation that they entrust the design of the poster to a great name in contemporary art. Valeria Adami signed the 1980 poster. Today, David Nash has signed the 34th poster in this collaboration.
A brief review of the Saint-Étienne Design Biennial. Of course, it's difficult to give you an exhaustive account of this event, which brings together several hundred exhibitions all around Saint-Étienne, let alone when visiting it with two little girls aged 3 and 5! In this context, I can already announce
Design and empathy, a reflection that brings together all areas of society. Whether it's putting ourselves in the user's shoes to understand and anticipate their needs, or enabling and supporting new forms of social bonding, empathy has been at the heart of the design discipline since its origins.
A short history of the word Branding. Brander, brandir, branler... when etymology sheds light on the meaning of words!
A brief analysis of the Lolcats phenomenon and its influence on communications.
Less is more, or "laisse, c'est mort" ? In graphic design, as in architecture, we've been oscillating for centuries between two paths... minimalism or baroque... simplicity or visual overload.
Fortunately, as I turned down an alleyway, I came across the "Istanbul Design Center". It's a school of applied art, a venue for exhibitions, workshops and conferences, a publishing house... in short, just what I was looking for! A few posters have piqued my curiosity! Unfortunately, I had to drop
The disabled pictogram was born in the 60s in the context of the international disability rights movement. It represents a fight for the widest possible accessibility to places and buildings. Today, it's feminized... for a new fight!
When Mickey's ears inspire us to write an acidulous chronicle! A story of illustration, semiology and cartoons with big ears.