Minimalism is dead !

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Less is more
Laisse, c'est mort ! (Let, thats out)

In graphic design, as in architecture, we've been oscillating for centuries between two paths... purism or overload (cf: Flat design or Skeumorphism!). While these paths may seem unpredictable, there's one constant: the path of overload is long and progressive, while the "minimalist" path is much faster and more brutal!
Everything suggests that, as time goes by, things become "loaded" with memories, accumulating layers of make-up until they become pompous, just before abruptly reverting to minimalism.

Didn't we go from primitive Gothic, to classical Gothic, then flamboyant Gothic, before abruptly moving on to Renaissance style, taking up the stripped-down canons of antiquity? ... then the story continues, with the Renaissance style gradually turning to Baroque... and even worse, Rococo... before suddenly moving on to the Classical style (which, compared to Rococo, looks as naked as a worm!)... neoclassical architecture [...] Victorian, Art Nouveau... then another break with the Modern movement in the 20s and 30s! ...

In short, in typography the story must be much the same... Greek capitals, then Roman uncials, Carolinian minuscules, then illuminated Gothic... a sudden break with Italian humanists... Garamond... Baskerville... Didot... Walbaum... and a new break with P. Renner's Futura around 1927...

It's perhaps simplistic reasoning... but given the decorative tendency of current graphic design... we can only hope for the arrival of a new era in which uncluttered graphic design regains its letters of nobility...
In the meantime, Mies van der Rohe's official translator is turning in his grave (but, is he dead?)... minimalism is dead... long live minimalism!

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March 27th, 2012 : I'm taking advantage of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's birthday to bring up this article on the idea of initially published in 2008... Thank you Google for your Mies van der Rohe doodle!

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