nature “bold” our loves…

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A short while ago, we were talking about ecology and typography, which made me want to revisit an article originally published in April 2008, 6 years ago...


nature "bold" ours loves

Initially, you want to say "I love you" with a penknife... Whatever the moral of the story, we engrave a few initials with the tip of an opinel N°2 (the smallest there is ... the n°1 having been abolished in 1930). Beautiful, fine letters, an extra-light "for life"... well cut, well pointed ! And then time takes its toll : marriage, children, a five-door 807... and our beautiful "for life" on its tree, it does what we do : it gets a little thick (Regular), a lot thicker (Bold), too much thicker (Extra-bold)... before fading away...



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