Global POS, retail performance - Brand identity
A modernized image to embody the evolution of a brand operating in the international market for retail software solutions

Global POS is a software solutions provider with 18 years of experience. Initially dedicated to cash solutions for physical points of sale, the group has expanded its service offering with an omnichannel payment platform that dematerializes the management of prepaid vouchers, a gift card program manager and alternative payment management. The digitalization of these services has aged the company's visual identity, which was no longer consistent with the expertise and modernization of its offering.

Graphéine worked with Global POS to rethink its visual identity. The aim was to respond to the brand's international deployment and adapt to the constant evolution of its offering.

A new brand emblem reflecting digital excellence

First of all, we questioned the name Global P.O.S. The use of the acronym "point of sales" seemed outdated, complex to read and pronounce. The acronym made Global P.O.S. sound too administrative, and didn't reflect the modernity of its smart services. Nevertheless, the group wanted to extend the notoriety of this name, which is highly recognized in its sector. We therefore opted for a slight evolution of the latter, erasing the acronym to establish a brand name that is legible, pronounceable and emphasizes the term "Global". Global embodies international expansion and a comprehensive service offering.

Global POS had a globe emblem adorned with a ribbon. This emblem was redundant with the "global" name and too far away from the digital aesthetic. We designed a new emblem with a G letter and a star, using customer satisfaction rating codes. With this new emblem, the brand emphasizes the premium quality of its services and its recognized excellence.

A new "smart experience" aesthetic for Global POS

The brand wordmark is custom-made. Modernized, it is now written in lowercases to meet digital standards. The name Global POS is written as a single word, with the former acronym POS used as a superscript.

The color palette has been designed with warm gradations that work very well on screen and energize communications. The iconography has also been rethought to reflect the customer experience for retailers using Global POS. The photographs show us the satisfied consumer experience, free of any payment complexity. Global POS is there to make shopping a smart experience.

From the emblem grows a vocabulary of shapes, allowing the creation of a pattern that completes the graphic charter. These motifs can be superimposed on the photograph or replace it. With a visual identity more in keeping with its offer and the modernity of its services, Global POS is consolidating its brand image in line with its goal of international deployment.


Global P.O.S. was founded 18 years ago, offering point-of-sale software for physical retail outlets. The company quickly diversified, offering a digital signage solution and then developing Easy2Play, an omnichannel payment platform that dematerializes prepaid vouchers, manages gift card programs and accepts alternative payments.
Today, the retail sector is moving towards a more digital approach, and while the company's solutions are in line with these new expectations, its visual identity and graphic charter are no more.


Create a new visual identity and graphic guidelines more in line with Global P.O.S.'s innovative, forward-looking positioning. Evolve its logotype to reinforce its presence in a highly competitive environment.

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Project expertise:
Logo creation, visual identity and graphic guidelines.
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Communication agency in the consulting and services sector. Strategy or management consulting, operational consulting, digital services companies (ESN) formerly SSII or SS2I, but also all services to companies, or "B to B services" (for business to business). Communication agency in the start-up, digital and technology sector. High tech & IT, IT BtoB, IT BtoC: software publishers, digital services companies.

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