Lextenso, the digital revolution
of access to Law!

Lextenso Editions is a french editorial group specialized in the legal profession. Created in 2008, it brings together all the publishing brands of the Petites Affiches group. Lextenso.fr provides access to a body of case law and several reviews of the group: Petites Affiches, Gazette du Palais, Répertoire Defrénois, Bulletin Joly sociétés and Revue Générale du droit des assurances. Following successive integrations, today 20 journals are accessible. It was therefore time for Lextenso to revise its brand architecture in order to make its offer more readable, while reinforcing its position as a major legal publishing player in a highly competitive context with well-known actors such as Lexis Nexis and Dalloz.

A visual redesign to become simpler

The objective of this redesign was to make Lextenso an umbrella brand able to federate graphically all its different editions. The logotype is very often found in a context of double signature. We have therefore chosen to keep the simplicity of a logotype reduced to the expression of its lettering in a cartridge. The addition of an emblem would not have been of any use, especially when one possesses a brand name as strong and meaningful. Enhance the shape of the word "Lextenso", born of the fusion of the root "Lex" (which means "written law" in Latin) and the expression "In extenso" (which means "Entire"), was then the most obvious option.

A cartridge and a more assertive lettering

A single rounded corner has been preserved to give more elegance to the silhouette of the logo. The left part of the cartridge is left empty to allow the logotype to be hung as a label that "go to cutting edge" on the printed media. The lettering has been redesigned to give the brand more personality. It now sports a more statutory and rhythmic image (old wordmark composed in Bliss bold).
• The L becomes an uppercase
• Creation of the ligature of the letters "x" and "t"
• The letter "n" gets a bridge shape
• Better kerning
• Overall reduction of length
The terms "editions" and ".fr" have been deleted in order to open up the "scope of the Lextenso brand".
These adjustments made it possible to strengthen and stabilize the Lextenso logotype, in order to start on a more solid basis to ensure its new role as a "mother brand".

A new digital offer and a redesigned website

With its graphic charter, it is the digital offer of Lextenso.fr that has been reviewed from top to bottom. It is now simpler and more accessible, while maintaining a legal information base that is one of the most complete online. It integrates more content, but this one is now organized by pack. Their design has been conceived by graphéine to create both an efficient nomenclature of the offer "trades" and "specializations", as well as to offer a visual materialization of the online offer. The design of the packs is inspired by the shape of the new Lextenso logotype, and allows to introduce an attractive range of colors in a website that could initially appear too dull. The website interface has been reorganized and redesigned to allow customers to search through the entire content of the different Lextenso editions.

he different sites belonging to the Lextenso brand now have a navigation bar that integrates the new logotype in its white version. This allows cross-navigation to be carried out while asserting the nature of the umbrella brand of Lextenso. The user can thus consult the entire digital offer, including the brand new site emplois-juridiques.fr, whose identity was also designed by graphéine.

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Project expertise:
Logo creation, visual identity and graphic guidelines.
Type of client:
Communication agency in the consulting and services sector. Strategy or management consulting, operational consulting, digital services companies (ESN) formerly SSII or SS2I, but also all services to companies, or "B to B services" (for business to business).

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