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Humanitarian Careers Exhibition

Here is the communication campaign that we realized for the Humanitarian professions fair organized by the Cité de la Solidarité in Annemasse.

This is the essential meeting place for international solidarity actors, it is the privileged place for meetings and exchanges between professionals and anyone interested in humanitarian and solidarity issues. This fourth edition of the Fair will take place on 29 and 30 November 2014.


The concept of the dove

Our initial concept was to put forward a series of portraits of people working in the Humanitarian field, in order to show the diversity of profiles and jobs that can be found in this field. A dove, universal symbol of peace, crosses the poster from side to side. His eye is superimposed with the character's gaze, like a convergence of their objectives: to work for peace. The slogan"Le point de départ de votre engagement dans la solidarité" directly echoes the yellow dot and the purpose of the show.

If each poster can work alone, collectively a new meaning appears: the dove seems to fly away!

It was also a question of releasing the classic "unique poster" mechanically reproduced in thousands of copies. By proposing a series, we hope to tell a richer, more equivocal, more lively story of the humanitarian professions.


The participatory campaign

More than a series of posters, we have gone further than the initial brief and we have presented a participatory system where Internet users are invited to submit "their views on humanitarian professions". We even imagined that this device could be generous and serve a humanitarian cause.

So we ended up with this campaign "1 look = 1 euro" in favour of a Médecins du Monde project. For each look shared on the dedicated website, the Cité de la Solidarité Internationale allows Médecins du Monde to receive 1€ for its "safe motherhood" project in Laos.

From the portraits submitted by Internet users, dozens of posters are created. They enrich the communication system and will be exhibited during the show.

Some examples of posters produced. You can note the great participation of Roxanne, who feeds the dove!




The site of the operation "1 look = 1 euro"


We can only invite you to participate in the scheme (and thus offer 1 euro to Médecin du Monde) at this address:

Feel free to talk the operation around you. The more participants there are, the bigger the donation to Médecins du Monde will be!
In any case, go at the end of the year to discover all the posters on display...

A big thank you...

This is an exemplary case of collaboration with a sponsor. This begins with a public consultation on quotes and references, followed by a meeting, constructive exchanges, and a real motivation to go further than expected. We can only thank the urban community of Annemasse and its teams (including Caroline in particular) who rolled up their sleeves to carry the project and negotiate internally the financing of Médecin du Monde !

Thanks also for our technical partners of the agency Vitalyn who were able to find the adequate technical solution and develop the site in a short time and a tight budget. Thanks also to Graphéine's team (and Loriane in particular) since we're in the thank you sequence!

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