Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport
Anamorphic signage

Signage design for a connecting tunnel to Terminal 3 at the Lyon St-Exupéry airport.
To anticipate the low cost traffic growth, the Lyon-Saint-Exupéry Airport has started expanding the infrastructure of Terminal 3.

The mission was to create a pleasant space, comforting, entertaining... and to reduce the time perception of the journey through the gallery (250 meters).
To do so, we've chosen to use kinetic and optical art principles. This allowed us to play with movement: through lighting variation, through the traveler movement and also through the graphic design itself. To discover the story that he is being told, the traveler is invited to move.

The different stages of the journey are identified through huge anamorphoses. Moving on the escalator, time and space notions are poetically altered. The anamorphoses appear deconstructed, which also creates a sensation of speed.

Project not selected by the client.

The art of anamorphosis

Anamorphosis is a technique that seems to have come back into fashion, you can discover many examples of it in visual communication. This optical invention is not new, since the rebirth of Piero della Fransceca was already having fun with this process.  Perhaps the most famous historical anamorphosis is Hans Holbein's painting "The Ambassadors". A vanity that only appears when you look at the painting from a certain angle. In our case, with Lyon airport, the process is identical, you have to look at the tunnel several tens of meters away to see the words being formed.

A technical challenge

If this project has never finally seen the light of day, it is certainly because of its cost. Technically, it would have been necessary to cover the entire floors and walls of the corridors with printed adhesives. This means a cost 3 times higher than the simple covering of the side walls.

For the rest, technically, it is just an anamorphic projection in a 3D software. This requires a 3D model of the space to be dressed.

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Project expertise:
Signage design.
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Institutional communication agency, public communication for cities and territories, government institutions, social partners and public administrations. Communication in travel & tourism.

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