Paris Museum Pass

The Paris Museum Pass gives access to more than 60 museums and monuments in the Paris region. Through this new identity, the aim is to present the diversity of the cultural offer available and the advantages offered by the pass. The logo is therefore both an arrow that "passes" (access without queuing at the museums) and doors that are opened (access to several museums). It is mainly associated with the Mona Lisa (universal icon of Paris and its museums), but the diversity of museums included in the offer is present in the background. The pass is available in 3 colours depending on the validity period (2, 4 or 6 days). The logo is composed in Condensed Universe. We also designed and built the new website.

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Project expertise:
Logo creation, visual identity and graphic guidelines.
Type of client:
Cultural communication agency for theaters, concert halls, festivals, dramatic and choreographic companies. Heritage, museums & cultural spaces.

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