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Paris Sports Courses
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The modes of sports practice are undergoing major changes, characterized by a rise in the number of disciplines with free access to urban space. Local authorities are wondering how best to support these trends. Validated as part of the participatory budget, the Parisian sports routes aim to offer simple and free access to sport to all residents.

Originally, the project envisaged the creation of several courses. A first course located on Boulevard Charonne between Rue d'Avron and Avenue Philippe Auguste opened in 2017. This sports trail includes a sports track, sliding areas, climbing rocks and numerous equipment along the route (weight training, cardio, street workout areas ...).

Graphéine was involved in the design of the visual identity and signage for these courses. For reasons beyond our control, this project, which was part of the bid for the 2024 Olympic Games, was abandoned once the Paris bid was selected. We can only regret not having been able to implement this creation. This does not prevent us from sharing this creation with you.

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The lines of the sports courses come to draw a pictogram of a moving character. A dynamic, playful and human identity, easily identifiable by all. A visual system that introduces diversity and is based on the idea of crossroads and encounters.

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signaletique paris parcours sportifs
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Towards a more autonomous and outdoor practice

The modes of sports practice are undergoing major changes, characterized by a rise in the number of disciplines with free access to urban space.

These behaviors are driven by groups with an emerging discipline or by citizens seeking new ways to practice their activity.
Local authorities are wondering how best to support these trends.
And, consequently, to provide access to sport for all their citizens.

Sports courses in the city

The objective is to promote sport/health to collectively respect health capital and its environment.

Sport also gives meaning, it is a school of discipline, a place of life that reflects a certain conviviality and social mix and induces respect for the rules. Practicing sport is also a way to let off steam, to free oneself from pressure and daily stress. And as we lack space in the city, public space itself becomes a place to practice for fitness, street workout etc..

Proximity and free access

The French consider these local infrastructures "as an essential place to live for the life of the community (85%)" and "as ensuring a role of social mix (86%)".  They are very sensitive to the possibility for everyone to have access to sports, which is possible thanks to the self-service and free infrastructures.

At all ages, from teenagers to seniors, they can play sports alone, with others, or in groups. They want to be able to practice at any time, anywhere, close to their job or home.

Free access does not mean being able to practice anyhow. Explanatory signs and videos can be used to inform practitioners and provide exercise tips.

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Logo creation, visual identity and graphic guidelines. Signage design.
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Institutional communication agency, public communication for cities and territories, government institutions, social partners and public administrations.

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