A cedilla to connect the banks
of the city of Montluçon
"Let's share more than a city"

With its dynamic and semi-natural route, the Cher river shapes the structure and the urban rhythm of the city of Montluçon, France. The river splits the city into two parts: the city center on the right bank, and the other part of the city on the left bank. The ambition of the Montluçon’s riverbanks development project is to connect those two shores and their inhabitants.

The cedilla is a diacritical sign placed under a letter to indicate a change in its pronunciation, as seen in the name of the city of Montluçon. In our design, the reference to the cedilla highlights both the singularity of the city and the Cher river's line that goes across the city. When the "C" represents the Cher, the cedilla stands for the ambition of the urbanization project, that aims at creating a bridge between the two banks of Montluçon.

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