“Pérouges Spring Festival” lights fire in 2018

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This is the 6th consecutive year that we collaborate with the Pérouges Spring Festival for their 22nd edition, by designing the music festival poster.


The poster of the festival, alongside those of previous editions. A fruit basket, a thriving jungle, a surprise cake and a Mexican rock calavera.

An explosive visual

For this edition of Pérouges Spring Festival, marked by Johnny Hallyday's death, we light fire with explosive cherries! Following the same artistic direction as in previous years, Jonas made the best of his origami skills to give life to the juiciest fruit of spring, cherry.

Explosions, matches and poppies - the emblem flower of the music festival - gush against a sparkling yellow background.

New in 2018, the typography has been re-drawn by hand for this edition of the festival.

PS: To review the mexicano-rock poster of the 2017 edition, and the paper art of the previous editions, it's here.



Creating the paper elements:


Final poster:


Some colour and layout research:

And a preview of the festival program, in which we created illustrations by hand to highlight information.



See you next year!

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