Happy and creepy Halloween ! A Cassandre tribute…

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Happy Halloween with designGraphéine wish you a joyful and scary Halloween party!

Tribute to Cassandre

Who still knows Dubonnet alcohol? This forgotten drink that has fallen into disuse.

Like the Picon, the Dubonnet was invented to treat malaria patients in North Africa. The chemist Joseph Dubonnet (1818-1871) made this quinine-based drink from quinquina. If the drink is febrifuge and anti-malarial, it has a strong bitter taste that does not please all palates. To remedy this situation, Dubonnet introduced herbs and spices, making this vermouth a popular drink. She then left the legionnaires' canteen to go to the bars and cafés where she was consumed by civilian amateurs.

But Dubonnet's great success, and what remains in people's memories, is his publicity made by Cassandre in the 1930s: "Dubo, Dubon, Dubonnet, Dubonnet", says a man who laughs and drinks. Advertising on the walls of houses along national roads that cross France. Sometimes we see them reappear on old houses and associations are created to save and restore them. Advertising becomes an object of art, the witness of a past time that illuminates the country roads.

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