“Wild idea”, magical Land Art installations and photographs

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Nature's art

Are you desperate to escape the heatwave, but you're still in the office surrounded by fans? Let me take you for a refreshing stroll along the banks of the Loire. You could discover the mystical and magical installations of Ludovic Fesson, designer and magician of Land Art !
Bewitching sculptures and plant geometries created in the heart of nature. "Woodwork", "Mirror of water" and "abyss/hell" are ephemeral goldsmithery immortalized in photographs.

From the banks of the Loire, water becomes a mirror, transforming his ephemeral works into surreal compositions. His pencil is a penknife, a blade in place of graphite. Nature seems to come alive again. Dead branches take on new form. Rushes become coloring. Foliage becomes color. What poetry in these images

If you'd like to find out more about the creature behind all this, click here:


photos © Ludovic Fesson - juillet 2013

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