City of Chalon-Sur-Saône
Education Department
A very non-academic visual identity!

This is the visual identity we created for the Education Department of the City of Chalon-sur-Saône (France). The aim was to design a graphic charter that could easily be adapted to harmonize and facilitate, among other things, extracurricular communications.

We have designed this work as a construction game, allowing in turn to compose the logo, pictograms, illustrations, or a multicolored typography. The graphic system is simple and playful and should allow the Education Department to create multiple communication supports easily. We have thus created about fifty pictograms in order to illustrate an infinite number of subjects.

Création d'une typographie composée de deux couches permettant de multiples variantes multicolores.

When communication becomes child's play

We took great pleasure in imagining this graphic device. We hope that this pleasure will be communicative with children and the various actors in education. Our will was as much to make a serious subject playful as a playful subject. Colour plays an important role in this project. Its role is to be the combinatorial variable allowing to multiply the possible.

This project was particularly well received.

Probably because of its childish simplicity. It also echoes this Mecano game, a universal construction game that speaks to both young and old. The use of pictograms also facilitates its understanding and greatly facilitates its implementation. Indeed, no need for expensive iconography, expensive art purchases (or worse generic). Here the message is simple and direct, for young and old alike!

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Project expertise:
Publishing design, creation of magazine and brochure layouts. Logo creation, visual identity and graphic guidelines. Graphic design of posters, flyers, letterhead and business cards. Typographic design.
Type of client:
Communication in the education, higher education and health sector. An indispensable partner in the transformation of the health and wellness industry through the alchemy of creativity and technology.

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