AJA, Adolescents & Young Adults team’s new logo to fight cancer

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A multiple, cheerful and benevolent logo to fight cancer

The AJA team of the Institut Curie is one of the 8 units in France dealing with adolescents and young adults with cancer. They pay particular attention to the 15-25 age group. For these young people in the midst of identity building, having cancer is often experienced as a "double pain".

The team, made up of about fifteen people with different roles (doctors, social workers, animators...) and spread throughout the institute, needed to be identified and recognized. They also wanted to give the image of a young, dynamic and inventive team, while maintaining a link with the Institut Curie.

We have chosen to create this benevolent and human sign to represent them. Consisting of the letters AJA ("Adolescents et Jeunes Adultes" / "Adolescents and Young Adults"), the logo represents a smiling face. This drawn sign refers to an illustrative, positive and joyful universe. The handwritten mention "Adolescents & Young Adults’ team"  preserves the playful and human spirit of the acronym. For filiation reasons, the logo is in the colours of the Curie Institute.

In short, we tried to put as much humanity and vitality into it as possible... in the hope that it would be contagious!









The logo against cancer is multiple, it lives and adapts to the different moods of the young people during their care journey. We imagined a pair of coloured badges to reinforce the team's identification within the institute.



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