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Bureau des Possibles
A generative visual identity

Founded by Yves-Armel Martin, the Bureau des Possibles (The Office of Possibilities) is an agency specialized in collaborative innovation. They aim at making the link between the challenges of transforming organizations and the many opportunities of a society in upheaval.

They are convinced that organizations, whether public or private, have many internal and external resources that are waiting to bear fruit. They believe that by moving away from vertical organizational modes, deterministic beliefs and the desire to control at all costs, we can open up to complex approaches and make room for real opportunities. They also run design fiction workshops to explore collectively the near future and bring back concrete memories of it.

When it comes to design and digital innovation, with them, anything is possible. The visual identity we have designed is fully in line with this logic, it is a generative identity in perpetual motion.


The logo is designed in the spirit of the small "black labels" that were used to tag office files. The base for a very simple graphic system, structured in a grid, very tidy, with a "office spirit". The idea was to create a contrast with the generative visual system. It also allows the three blocks of the logo to be displayed in many variations.

recherche graphique univers bureau 1940
baseline generative futurs émergents

Visual universe

Originally, we had in mind the image of starling flights as a perfect example of collective intelligence. So we worked to reproduce this effect from any image. A point cloud is automatically generated and then recomposed ad infinitum.

generative gif design branding

The generator

Move over the image with your mouse and play with "frames". You can upload your own image and adjust the render with the settings on the right. The "SVG" export module is disabled in this version, but it allows to export print images.

Thanks a lot to Kevin Vennitti for the development of this module.

design graphique papeterie papier à lettre cartes de visites
gamme couleurs

Transform organizations into an innovative, interdisciplinary ecosystem.

By mobilizing collaborative dynamics, the Office of Possibilities will help you and your teams build new ways of working and creating.

Organizations, whether public or private, all have many internal and external resources that are just waiting to bear fruit. By moving away from mechanistic organizational modes, deterministic beliefs and the desire to control at all costs, we are opening up to complex approaches and giving way to the emergence of real opportunities.

The search for meaning, confidence in people, mobilization of all forms of talent, appeal to collective intelligence, combined with highly framed animation techniques, make it possible to initiate profound transformations in a short time.

They propose event-driven approaches, which are strong and re-founding moments, and oriented towards very concrete objectives in addition to training and coaching approaches for employees.

Emerging Futures

Through collective foresight sessions, with the Office of Possibilities, build a shared vision. It will enable you to overcome the blockages linked to short-term problems, to get out of the usual postures by confronting deep and concrete issues.

They offer design fiction workshops that allow to collectively explore a near future and bring back concrete memories. These are then used as a basis for discussion. Provocative, narrative, speaking to emotional intelligence and questioning our representations, they promote awareness and comfort a vision.

They can be useful to design a strategy, to challenge representations or to overcome positions that are a little too blocked.

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Project expertise:
Website and social media design. Logo creation, visual identity and graphic guidelines.
Type of client:
Communication agency in the start-up, digital and technology sector. High tech & IT, IT BtoB, IT BtoC: software publishers, digital services companies.

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