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Six years after its stop, Jeuxvideo.fr is back and becomes JVFR! The famous video games website -developed by fans in the early 2000s- became professional in 2005 after its purchase by Cyréalis, then by the M6 group three years later. After the golden age of the 2000s, the site is gradually abandoned, before closing its doors for good in 2015.

Definitely... not really! Clubic, the high-tech and digital news website has just relaunched Jeuxvideo.fr in June 2021. For this occasion, the site changes its name and becomes "JVFR", nickname that the community had given to the site during its glorious years.

With JVFR, the Clubic teams intend to offer to the Internet users a 100% independent video game news site, made by and for enthusiasts. In addition to covering all the video game news, JVFR offers tests, buying guides, good deals, etc. With its new identity, JVFR intends to regain its place as an outsider in the French-speaking video game press, alongside Jeuxvideo.com and Gamekult.


JVFR's new identity is inspired by Japanese pop culture, but also by cyberpunk culture and the retro-gaming universe (which should not displease the nostalgic of arcade terminals, the unconditional of Space Invaders, Super Mario, Street Fighter, and other classics in all kinds).

JVFR is now written in capital letters with a character design that is geometric, modern and digital, a bit like "Tetris". The letters are particularly "bold", rigid and angular, but they nevertheless keep a certain roundness, the angles are not prominent but blunt, as in the logo of Clubic.

The red is obviously another nod to Clubic, but red is also a color that suits perfectly to the world of video games, evoking passion, enthusiasm, determination, perseverance...

About Clubic

A true witness to the digital revolution, Clubic has been covering all the latest high-tech and digital news for over 20 years. The site brings together a group of independent experts who share a passion for information and technology.

Through different content formats and themes (news, tests, tips, tutorials, etc.), Clubic's mission is to become the best source of information and expertise sharing for new technology enthusiasts in order to help them in their daily digital transition.

Over time, Clubic has been able to federate a real community that constantly interacts to ask their questions and share their views through comments and forums.

Since 2018, Clubic is edited by Clubic SAS, an independent company created by Florent Maitre, Philippe du Noyer, Richard Dos Anjos, Jerry Nieuviarts and Nicolas Rosset (the former founders of Cyrealis).

About JVFR

When Clubic SAS was created, the new company acquired the domain name Jeuxvideo.fr from the M6 group.

For more than 20 years, Clubic has always dealt with video game news, but most of the time under a technical angle, in accordance with the editorial line of the site, this one being before dedicated to the Tech.

Under the impulse of a team, passionate about video games, a reboot project of Jeuxvideo.fr is gradually born and in June 2021, a Beta version is launched under the name JVFR.

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