Évry University open day: reveal your professional future!

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Reveal your professional future!

Here are the posters we made for the communication of the open day of the University of Évry which will take place on February 9th.

In order to address the target audience directly, we have created a visual that students can "seize" and make their own. Lift the corner of the poster, it is to let appear perspectives of orientation! This concept also evokes a metaphor of the idea of openness: one raises, opens, reveals one's professional future.

A photo shoot was held with real university students to create the visuals.

Comparative juxtaposition,
a classic of communication

Conceptually, the process of this campaign is classic. This is what can be called a "comparative juxtaposition". Behind this term hides the famous principles of "before and after" or "with and without". Principles that allow the problem and its solution to be presented simultaneously.

This is a process that we had already used in a similar context, but in a different way, for the Université Paris-Est-Créteil open days... Why changing a recipe that works?

In this current case, the "magic effect" also comes from the surrealist interaction between the image (content) and the communication medium (container). An impossible situation that intrigues at first glance.

Behind the scenes

Everything starts with a simple intuition, that of opening the poster as one would open a "door". A quick sketch allows us to quickly check the idea and its potential.

In this case, the challenge was to create in the simplest and most credible way this impossible image where the body of the student had to disappear under the folding. So, unlike David Copperfield who never reveals his magic tricks, here is the explanation of the trick below.

Thanks to the teams of the communication department of the University of Évry for their trust and their involvement in this project. Thanks to the students too!

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