La Banque d’Affaires - Brand identity
Brand design for a bank offering dedicated to business owners

On 15 April 2021, SwissLife Banque Privée and Alantra created La Banque d'Affaires, a unique offering dedicated to business owners. This partnership offers a unique model combining the dual expertise of investment banking and private banking. Banque d'Affaires covers all operations aimed at advising entrepreneurs.

Graphéine worked with SwissLife Banque Privée and Alantra to create a brand that will establish itself in the investment banking market with credibility and legitimacy.

A graphic identity geared towards premium consultancy

The brand name "La Banque d'Affaires" is a generic title with a strong presence in the banking world. It was necessary to turn the word into a logotype with a strong character. To achieve this, we wanted to create maximum distinctiveness and originality by giving the visual identity an emblem and transforming the brand name into a single word. The emblem takes the form of a monogram and becomes the symbol of a balanced partnership. The monogram represents the synergy between the two founding entities and the notion of exchanges (human and transactional) between the bank and its customer.

The "La Banque d'Affaires" wordmark is a tailor-made design that makes it possible to compose the elements of the brand name in a compact way. A set of weights ensures that the name is easy to read. Certain details, such as the tail of the "Q" and the apostrophe of the "D'", are graphically linked to the curves of the emblem, conveying the fluidity of the service.

A brand territory that extends the graphics of the logotype

Blue is a colour strongly associated with the banking world. For the institutional range, we chose blue and gold to connote a top-of-the-range banking service.

The La Banque d'Affaires visual identity combines two typefaces: Beausite from the Fatype foundry, which is used as the main typeface. Beausite is used for titles and short texts. The Suisse Int'l typeface from Swiss Typefaces is used for longer texts. With a distinctive visual identity, La Banque d'Affaires is positioning itself with an original service and combining the expertise of its founding entities to serve professionals.


SwissLife Banque Privée is positioned in the wealth management market, which is highly competitive and coveted by many players. Alantra is an international investment bank present in 20 countries. Investment banking and private banking are two worlds that do not usually work together.


La Banque d'Affaires visual identity must establish a new, credible and legitimate brand in the investment banking market, reflecting the rich partnership between the two founding brands, SwissLife Banque Privée and Alantra. The premium and advisory dimensions must be very present in this creation.

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Project expertise:
Logo creation, visual identity and graphic guidelines.
Type of client:
Communication agency in the consulting and services sector. Strategy or management consulting, operational consulting, digital services companies (ESN) formerly SSII or SS2I, but also all services to companies, or "B to B services" (for business to business).

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