Tutorial: Poster Festival of Lights (part2)

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Do your poster for the festival of lights

The Festival of Lights ( Fête des lumières) is the main tourist event in Lyon. Every year millions of visitors flock to come and admire the lighting of the capital of the Gauls. This poster is certainly a major challenge for the image of the city. Let's see in detail how to succeed in this mission!

In 2013, we offered you a tutorial to your poster of the festival of lights in 4 steps .

This year we propose to continue a tutorial a bit absurd (and poetic?) To achieve the poster 2014.


Let's see how to start from the poster in 2013 for "magically" Poster 2014.
For this we will use the tool "Filter / Blur / Motion Blur" of Photoshop. By reducing the "distance" blur, you'll see it appear poster 2014.



For the curious who want to know more, it may be recalled that, as in 2013, a public tender unremunerated </ strong> was launched last spring. In this regard we invite you to visit the website of the French Alliance of Designers: " Say no to free ideas "!

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