Graphéine is a Graphic Design advice agency created in 2002 by like-minded and lively designers from various professional walks of life, all addicted to image. In this backdrop, all members use their skills to complement the whole.

Jérémie Fesson

CEO, co-founder & creative director
Jérémie co-created Graphéine with Mathias with whom he shares the same minimalist, playful and accessible vision of design. He trained in graphic design at Estienne and Duperré, where he became a Bézier curve addict. He actually has superpowers: he sees life in vector. Quite handy when it comes to transforming corporate B2B identities into sexy outcomes.

Mathias Rabiot

CEO, co-founder & creative director
Mathias gave birth to Graphéine in 2002 with Jérémie, his partner in crime since Duperré School. He’s an all-rounder in charge of the global coherence -both human and creative- in the agency. As a humanist, he believes in emotions and values driven by an accessible, joyful and simple kind of design. When he doesn't play guitar to Bowie, he occasionally shouts "c'est beau, oui !".

Céline Boursin

Office & project manager Lyon
Conducting the agency, Céline coordinates projects and handles both daily operations and teams since 2014. She’ll be the first person you’ll talk to in the agency. She used to work in digital, fashion and luxury industry, where she sharpened her minimalist and detail-oriented style.

Adrienn Nagy

Art director
Willing to explore new lands, Adrienn left her native land after design studies in Budapest. Since then, she’s been pursuing her adventures in Graphéine in a jungle of logos and graphic identities, where she uses her simple and clever ideas to make her way through. True and genuine, she always brings her healthy snacks along to boost herself and her projects.

Jonas Barry

Graphic designer & illustrator
Jonas adapts his moves, creating paper structures as easily as InDesign layouts. He studied fine arts in Saint-Étienne and traveled around Oceania before laying his trump cards in 2015 at Graphéine in edition, poster and illustration. As a sponge, he absorbs and collects everything his eyes stumble upon: cartoons, musics, movies, exhibition, board games… which inspire him daily.

Gaspard Ollagnon

Art director
Freelance since 2004 and graphic design teacher, Gaspard joined Graphéine in 2015 along with a few books. His strong design expertise is wildly appreciated and keeps on evolving in a vivid atmosphere filled with exchanges. His approach to graphic design is concrete and always favors the coherence between style and content. In his black sports bag, you wouldn’t think he hides a few fighting tricks.

Leslie Darné

Office & project manager Paris
If Leslie sees the vie en rose, it’s because she’s from south of France. Even without her singing pronunciation, she can concentrate her energy in Paris to manage projects and build bridges between clients and in-house creatives. Though she was working with a nose as a creative olfaction apprentice before arriving in Graphéine, she now develops our taste with her home-baked cakes she brings to office parties.

Maxime Saint-Étienne

Graphic designer
Spirited and mastering puns as a legacy, Maxime is a man of words and letters, which he cultivates in the agency. He loves exploring crafty techniques to add expression to his typographic creations, giving meaning and life to characters. It’s undoubtedly the reason which leads him to expensively cherish his shirts, with refined downstroke.

Camille Cohic

Graphic designer
All-rounder in design, Camille left both countryside and skateboard to support our team on various projects. Western spaghetti expert in life, he handles the lasso at work (on photoshop). He expresses his self-taught and artisanal style with animations and 3D visuals, in all simplexity.

Tiphaine Guillermou

Growing up around the world, Tiphaine settled down in Lyon and laid down her hat at Graphéine. She writes for the blog, investigating through the life of more or less famous designers, doing series of questionable puns along the way. She leads a double life as a zero waste hero and tries to convert the rest of the team with her organic carrot cakes.

Ajitesh Lokhande

Graphic designer
Trained in graphic design in Ahmedabad, India, Ajitesh developed a structured but spontaneous creative style. Ninja-to-be in brand identity design, he finds inspiration in technological, digital or musical gems to create visuals, logos and designs. Speaking 5 languages, not including code, he handles crochet and hula hoop better than French jokes, but we forgive him...


Sarah Magro

Art director
From Sydney to Paris, Sarah crossed the world in pursuit of new adventures. Landing at Graphéine, she uses her experience as a brand designer to create thoughtful work that speaks to head and heart. Her new Parisian life brings her daily dose of inspiration, but a perfect pasta dish or sausage dogs may be all it takes to find that next brilliant idea.


Pauline Lagadec

Graphic designer


Klervi blanchard

Graphic designer [2017, 2019, 2020]

Ambre Koubbi-Hauzi

Graphic designer [2019-2020]

Jean-Albert Heckel

Art director [2018-2019]

Célia Grandhomme

Graphic designer [2018-2019]

Céline Chenu

Graphic designer [2019]

Philip de Canaga

Graphic & motion designer [2015-2018]

Manon Moreau

Graphic designer & illustrator [2017-2018]

Jeremy Cheramy

Graphic designer [2016-2018]

Florian Mallamaci

Graphic designer [2016-2017]

Géraldine Martin

Office manager [2016-2017]

Sophie Rueter

Graphic designer [2014-2015]

Cyril Lebret

Graphic designer [2010-2013]

Camille Cohic

Anaïs Prudhomme

Manon Moreau

Krystal Phan-Lannon

Morgane Malevre

Wanda Perdriolle

Jean-Baptiste Brisson

Gabriel Abergel

Camille Jouarre

Klervi Blanchard

Jean-Baptiste Bailly