Identité visuelle chœur assonance musique classique


Assonance Choir
Concerto for a logo...

Visual identity of the "ESPE - Assonance Choir", mixed choir of over a hundred voices. Open to active and retired teachers, students and trainees of the ESPE (teaching and education college) the choir is also open to any other person. Its goal is to practice an ensemble vocal activity in order to extend the musical and pedagogical training of students and teachers.

This identity is mainly displayed on concert posters. The logo becomes one of the main components of the posters, it is always present in a central and imposing way. It serves as a grid for the composition of the titles, with which it plays by superposition. In the background, reframes of classical paintings illustrate the theme of the concert. The images are processed in two-colour, the colours are sometimes bright and powerful, sometimes calm and soft. We try to play with simultaneous contrasts to create tension.

Logo concept

The logo is based on the letter "A" of the name Assonance which draws a set of lines and blocks evoking the idea of rhythm and musical score. There is a kind of echo game between these forms which can refer to the idea of assonance (cf: to answer a sound by another sound).

How to bring modernity to a classical subject

This was the main challenge of this project. How can we take a current look at old works, without distorting the subject? By choosing to immerse ourselves in a classical pictorial repertoire, generally from contemporary works to composers performed, we were not specifically engaging in a contemporary re-reading. It is therefore through framing, and the choice of colour that this modernity will show through. The typographical composition, which is based on a modernist logo, dances with classical painting. It is at this moment that the whole takes on a new meaning, like a contemporary re-reading.

Experimental enthusiasts

The Assonance choir, with the status of an association, is one of those amateur ensembles whose level is close to that of professional choirs. By choosing to support them almost on a voluntary basis for more than 5 years, we benefit in return from a large margin of creative freedom. Each poster is the subject of technical experiments, such as live printing games with Pantones that we would rarely have the opportunity to play with.  Metallic inks, fluorescent, pastels, overprinting sets...

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Project expertise:
Logo creation, visual identity and graphic guidelines. Graphic design of posters, flyers, letterhead and business cards.
Type of client:
Cultural communication agency for theaters, concert halls, festivals, dramatic and choreographic companies.

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