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Romans-sur-Isère is located on the right bank of the Isère river, not far from the city of Valence (Drôme). With its city neighbor Bourg-de-Péage, located on the other side of the river, it represents an agglomeration of 50 000 inhabitants.

Romanesque Art in Romans

From its medieval origin (the city was founded in 838) the city has kept on many buildings this arc pattern, so typical of Romanesque art. Whether on the pediment of the Collegiate St. Bernard, on the facades of old neighborhoods or in the cloister of the Convent of the Visitation which now houses the International Shoe Museum.
Today, the Romanesque Art refers to a form of simplicity and authenticity that perfectly fits with the identity of the city.

The bridge

The bridge over the Isère river is a place of passage and exchange. Symbolically, it is a link that connects us to others, a promise of travel and meetings. More prosaically, it's kind of "Champ-Élysées" of the city, an historical road where events and festivals take place throughout the year. It also offers a perfect view of the Cathedral Saint-Bernard.

When the word becomes a bridge

The design of the word "Romans" refers to the geography of the city. The "m" stands for the bridge, stepping over the Isère river, while a line break takes Romans back on the right bank.

Tomorrow's tempo

The beginning of an extra leg to the "m", gives some originality to the letter. The letter becomes a sign. The word becomes a logo. It gives life to the logo, provides the tempo and push forward the image of the city.

Humanistic values: more bridges and fewer walls

This logo is somehow "a bridge that moves forward". It proves wrong Newton who said: "Humans build too many walls and not enough bridges".

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