Groupe écologistes du Sénat


Green group of the Senate
Bringing ecology at the heart of the Senate

The Ecologist group of the Senate - Solidarity & Territories gathers 12 senators mobilized to bring the voice of ecology in the Senate, in close connection with the ecologist movements and parties, the local elected representatives and the European deputies. This is only the second time that an ecologist group has been formed in the Senate, after the one that brought together a dozen senators between 2011 and 2017. Its creation was made possible by the Green victories in many cities in the 2020 municipal elections. 

In this context of reformation of the group, we were asked to create a new visual identity, and to guide them in the professionalization of their communication tools.


avant après logo sénateurs
Logo senat ecologie


We imagined a dotted "hemicycle", which could evoke in turn a dandelion flower, a water lily or a Ginkgo biloba leaf. A logo made up of dotted seeds, as if to spread ecological ideas to the heart of the Senate.

The principle of dotted lines offers a simple and effective tool for deploying the visual universe throughout the statements. The idea was to provide them with visual tools that could be used by the senators without the need for a graphic expert to design their messages. This graphic trick, without being absolutely innovative, responds perfectly to these constraints since even PowerPoint allows this type of effect.

cartes de visites sénat écologie
gamme de couleurs écologiques
page facebook design template
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post réseaux sociaux sénateur écologistes

The Ecologist Group of the Senate

This group intends to bring the voice of ecology to the Senate, in close connection with local elected officials and the territories they represent

This group is a continuation of the one that existed between 2011 and 2017 in the Senate. The creation of the group was made possible by the Green victories in many cities in the 2020 municipal elections. As the only ecologist parliamentary group, the group is made up of a majority of Europe Ecologie les Verts elected representatives, but also of ecologist citizen elected representatives, citizens or from the Génération-s movement.

Ecologist values

Their values are those of political ecology, solidarity, democracy and progress: protection of the environment and human rights, ecological emergency and social justice, defence of public liberties, feminism, international solidarity, emancipation, participative democracy, secularism... We proudly represent all territories (rural and urban) and defend decentralisation

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Project expertise:
Website and social media design. Logo creation, visual identity and graphic guidelines.
Type of client:
Institutional communication agency, public communication for cities and territories, government institutions, social partners and public administrations.

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