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So Skilled
Cultivate your soft skills,
unlock your talents!

The So Skilled program, supported by the Université Paris Lumières, aims to work on the acquisition of transversal skills and on the valorisation of the student experience. This issue of transversal competencies (soft skills), particularly developed in the humanities and social sciences, but often misunderstood or misidentified, concerns both initial training and lifelong learning.

The So Skilled program therefore includes the acquisition and development of soft skills, in the broadest sense, among the major objectives of the Bachelor's degree. These fundamental and transversal skills, acquired both within and outside the curriculum, include cognitive and social skills, personal development and other skills related to action.

Soft skills are essential today and predict an individual's ability to integrate, adapt and develop and to fit into a group, a team, a job, a profession or an organization in the long term.

Our mission was to visually translate this program through the creation of a logo and a visual universe.


The initial brief indicates that the logo should convey the notion of confidence of students / employees who have acquired soft skills at university and who are, therefore, so skilled.

The acronym of the project is almost a trademark, a claim of talent. Behind this name, we can immediately see two notions, on the one hand the idea of "quantity / plurality / diversity" (cf: So) and on the other hand the idea of being "competent / gifted / talented" (cf: skilled).

We acquire knowledge throughout our lives, which is why the logo should reflect an idea of movement and skills that are not fixed, allowing us to project ourselves into multiple futures. What if we considered Soft Skills as a bouquet of skills ready to blossom and allowing us to envisage our professional career in a fulfilling way?


Color plays an important role in this visual identity. The colorimetric diversity illustrates the multitude of skills. Each color can symbolically refer to a typology of competence.

The graphic charter invites to play. The "labels" can draw pictograms or numbers. They can also be imagined as stickers that can dress up the students' communication supports.

The "labels" fly away like flower petals and come to pollinate the whole communication. Big or small, they happily deconstruct the compositions.

Soft skills

The scope of soft skills varies from one study to another and from one institution to another. Our project is based on a deliberately broad definition of soft skills. These fundamental and transversal skills, acquired both within and outside the curriculum, include

- cognitive skills: analytical skills, synthesis, complex problem solving...
- social skills: communication, interaction, collaboration
- personal development skills: self-awareness, self-esteem, autonomy, adaptability...
- Skills related to action: initiative, will, leadership...

Some key words

Soft skills / Transversal skills / Human qualities / Non-academic skills / Soft skills / Relational skills / Behavioral skills / Know-how / Agility / Adaptability / Creativity / Innovation / Openness / Self-confidence / Curiosity / Diversity / Collective intelligence / Flexibility / Experience / Talents

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Logo creation, visual identity and graphic guidelines.
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Communication in the education, higher education and health sector. An indispensable partner in the transformation of the health and wellness industry through the alchemy of creativity and technology. Communication in science and research.

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