Don’t worry, be Api!
Precision farming

Design of the Be API visual identity created by InVivo, with which the first french farming cooperative group aims at being a leader in precision farming in France. Digital transformation and big data are opportunities to improve the performance of agriculture while optimizing energy consumption. Be API supports farmers by providing them effective solutions, to make precision farming the 21st century production method.

The objective of the visual identity is to develop the Be Api brand awareness in order to federate the largest number of farmers. We have created a sign that symbolizes the concept of precision farming, by making the synthesis of its technological, economic and environmental issues. The Be Api logo represents an agriculture that is both innovative and respectful of the soil and the people who cultivate it.

Prior to this project, we had already designed another brand identity for the InVivo group: Agrosolutions, the agri-environment consulting subsidiary of the group.
Check out the case study right here: website homepage designed by Nextia agency.

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Project expertise:
Logo creation, visual identity and graphic guidelines. Motion design and video creation. Graphic design of posters, flyers, letterhead and business cards.
Type of client:
Communication agency in the agriculture, agri-food and forestry sector. Agriculture, livestock and fishing industries up to mass consumption and distribution channels (wholesalers, large and medium-sized stores, retail outlets, catering).

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