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Here's the new visual identity of "Je Porte Mon Bébé", the famous french brand of baby slings. Known as "JPMBB", the brand goes for a completely new name and becomes Love Radius.

For more than 10 years now, "Je Porte Mon Bébé" has been inspiring parents to carry babies from birth. More than just a brand of baby slings, JPMBB promotes proximal parenting and teaches parents, as well as health professionals, how to carry a baby. Carrying trainings and the design of physiological baby slings make this french brand a market leader.

Why changing the name? Undoubtedly because the former one was too descriptive, and therefore too restrictive for of their ambition. The Love Radius, literally "the radius of love" or "perimeter of love", is the space that everyone can create by making a circle with their arms, because babywearing is also a story of sharing and love. This new name and identity will allow the french brand to diversify, while sounding much better internationally.

logo habillement bébé


Our creative work focused on a symbol associating the idea of love and carrying a baby, with that special arm position. An original sign was born. Between geometrical abstraction and figuration, some will see a parent, carrying a child, seen from above, others will see a heart cradling a child...

logo habillement bébé
mère porte bébé

Love Radius's background

Above all, Love Radius has been a family affair for over 13 years now. The founders of the brand discovered babywearing at the birth of their first child thanks to a gift. This is what babywearing represents for them today: a gift for both adult and child.

The missions of Love Radius
- Explain and promote what physiological babywearing is: its practicality (hands-free) and benefits (such as setting the foundation for future adult/child communication).
- Advise on a daily basis whether you are a beginner or a professional and propose responsible selling: notice, experts' corner, Youtube channel, social networks...
- Helping parents to listen to the child, to listen to themselves, to trust the child and themselves, but also to re-appropriate their free will, which is often undermined during pregnancy.

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Project expertise:
Logo creation, visual identity and graphic guidelines.
Type of client:
Communication in the Fashion industry.

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