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Graphéine is a branding agency created in 2002 by like-minded and lively designers from various professional walks of life, all addicted to image.

In this backdrop, all members use their skills to complement the whole. We are based in Paris and Lyon, France.

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Brand strategy, branding, visual identities, logo creation...

Visual identity 2024 for the Nuits de Fourvière Festival in Lyon.
Working in Palestine to preserve its heritage & promote development, INTIQAL program change its visual identity to suit its institutional partners.
Strategy, naming and visual identity for YUV®, a game-changing revolution in the international professional hair colour market.
Communication for the Bourg-en-Bresse National Theatre. Creation of an illustrative universe around the theme "plurals".
Graphéine assisted the Opéra de Reims in defining its new brand positioning, creating its new visual identity and producing its season's communications.
Creation of a visual identity for the law firm Abdou Avocats Associés.
Strategic support, brand architecture and visual identity for Hôpital NOVO, a hospital resulting from the merger of 3 former establishments in the northwestern Val-d'Oise region. A new, unifying logotype depicting mutual aid, mobility and the life cycle, to reinvent the local hospital and imagine the future.
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Donald Trump, his face bloodied, raises his fist and seems to proclaim “I'm alive, fight!”. Let's decipher an image that has gone down in history at the speed of a shotgun blast.
Mascots, those soft, slightly silly characters, are nothing new. Here's a look at their origins, from Antiquity to Japan.
Y2K, the trend of the 2000s, is back. Embodying an already retro future, its iridescent reflections shake up digital codes.
From founders' surnames to initials and acronyms, brand names have always oscillated between abstraction and familiarity.