Louise Michel Social Centre
Welcoming and valuing

Located in Neuilly-sur-Marne and recently renovated, the Louise Michel Social Centre (CSLM) suffers from a lack of recognition and identification despite its key role in the neighbourhood. A place of welcome and sharing, aimed at all publics, in all age groups and all cultures, the CSLM supports the development of people's human qualities by focusing on the sharing of each person's gifts.

Workshops, cultural and artistic activities, listening, resources, early childhood, the centre is a real place of life open to all.

How can we make the values of the project visible and understandable and give a voice to the social centre, in order to help them in their mission of welcoming and enhancing people?

A roof

Designed by Agence Philéas, the architecture of the Louise Michel Social Centre is integrated into a larger complex, including other public services. The building's pediment is made up of obliques, the roof-shaped point of which stands above the centre's entrance. This angle is the starting point of the visual identity principle.

No walls

Openness being the key value of the Social Centre's project, it is the starting point of the creative thinking.
A roof, no wall, to symbolise the welcoming qualities and accessibility of the center.

Adaptation of the logo to the themes of the project

The title logo can be replaced by terms from the lexical fields of the main themes of activity.

Participative posters

Poster backgrounds are designed and made available to the management and staff. By writing, copying, imagining and drawing, it becomes very easy to create visuals or to spread any kind of message inside and outside the Social Centre. These templates can also be used as a basis for drawing activities for children, and as a teaching aid for newcomers learning the language.

Digital poster for a centre event. The different themes (here, a spring outdoor party) are illustrated and shown one after the other, like a slide show.

Example of impromptu posters. The team has a set of posters at its disposal to communicate messages, information and thoughts independently. The Social Centre has its own voice. This participative system makes it possible to involve the teams and the public in the centre's communication.

Motion design

The posters are imagined in motion, to communicate on social networks, underlining the living and human side of the social centre.

In application

As an aside, a short presentation of the eponymous figure of the centre...

Louise Michel, known as 'enjolras', is a figure of commitment and feminism. Her fight for dignity and social equality is famous, and some of today's currents of thought claim to be inspired by her legacy. She is less well known for her many activities related to education and youth. A teacher by training, with a passion for pedagogy, she created several free schools. She also devoted much of her writing to children, writing stories, legends and poems.

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Project expertise:
Logo creation, visual identity and graphic guidelines. Creation of illustrations.
Type of client:
Communication in the education, higher education and health sector. An indispensable partner in the transformation of the health and wellness industry through the alchemy of creativity and technology. Communication agency for associations, NGOs and SSE (Social and Solidarity Economy). The agency is specialized in all subjects of general interest.

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